Where are the adjustments?

Where are the adjustments?
October 31, 2011, 6:11 pm
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Last week, I asked Kyle Shanahan about teams making adjustments to what John Beck did well against the Panthers and if he needs to be coming up with ways to counter the defensive countermeasures. Here was his response:The more you put on tape as the year goes, the more that you have got to adjust. Its not just game-to-game, its series to series and half to half, so I think that is the game of football. It is a chess match and you always want to stay one step ahead. Any time a team takes something away, youve got to go back to something else.The part about the chess match is interesting. As the game unfolded yesterday it became apparent that only one team was playing chess and that was the Buffalo Bills. The Redskins were playing Candyland.Actually, the Redskins offense did not force Bills defensive coordinator George Edwards, who was laughed out of town after a year in Washington as Steve Spurriers defensive coordinator, to do much of anything beyond Pawn to King 4. The Redskins worked their way into checkmate early and often.At some point during the series-to-series and half-to-half time frames, why did Kyle not try to do anything different? If your quarterback gets sacked nine times, shouldnt you at some point make an adjustment? The tried and true ways to beat a pass rush are quick passes with three-step drops, draw plays, and keeping more blockers in. Even without a thorough review of the game tape I think that I can safely say that if any of these methods was tried yesterday it happened only briefly.There was a similar lack of adjustments in the running game. Since going off for 135 yards against the Rams, Ryan Torain has gained a total of 17 yards in the two games since. When he struggled at the beginning of yesterdays game, it was pretty obvious that he did not have the sought-after hot hand. So, the solution was to give up on the run entirely. Roy Helu, who came into the game averaging 4.9 yards per carry, did not have a single rushing attempt. Given that even Donte Stallworth got a carry, that borders on coaching malpractice.Time after time, the Bills took away what the Redskins were doing. Time after time, the Redskins did not go to something else. At some point, persistence at doing the same thing turns to predictability, which turns to stubborn, which turns to stupid. After yesterdays game, the Redskins are at some point pretty far down that path.