Thursday's NFL picks

Thursday's NFL picks
November 24, 2011, 4:15 am
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By Ryan O'Halloran

A terrific triple play of Thanksgiving games. Here are the picks:

Green Bay (minus 6) at Detroit: Finally, a very interesting Early Turkey Day Game because the Lions are actually good. Combine that with the Packers undefeated record and its a great match-up. Green Bay will stay undefeated because it remains in a position to Name Its Score. Packers 42-34.Miami (plus 7) at Dallas: The Dolphins are 3-7 and Cowboys 6-4, but throw that out Miami has won three straight and Dallas was fortunate to muddle its way through the Redskins last week. Expect a competitive game. Cowboys 27-25.San Francisco (plus 3) at Baltimore: The Harbaugh Bowl has working everything for John (early game last Sunday, home win, stay home) and everything against Jim (late afternoon game last Sunday, home win, travel to East Coast). If they met in the middle of America, wed like the 49ers. But not in this scenario. Ravens 24-17.