There were silver linings but Rex not interested

There were silver linings but Rex not interested
November 21, 2011, 12:50 am
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Rex Grossman looked perturbed.After he answered several questions about the Redskins improvement in offensive production, Grossman said, Id rather talk about silver linings on Wednesday or something. Its just frustrating right now.Certainly, the Redskins 27-24 overtime loss to the Cowboys was frustrating to the Redskins players, coaches, and to the fans who watched.But there also was a high entertainment quotient present, something that has been missing from this teams games during the losing streak that now extends to six games.After a sluggish start, the offense got going. They took advantage of a short field to drive to one second-quarter touchdown and then the scored another one with 14 second left in the first half to take their first lead in a game since Oct. 2.Then with 5:35 left to play the Redskins were at their own 11, facing 89 yards of grass that would have to be navigated to tie the game. Grossman and the Redskins made it in 12 plays with 14 seconds to spare. Passes to Donte Stallworth, who was watching the Redskins play on TV at his house last week because he had been cut, covered 20 and nine yards and fullback Darrel Young rumbled 27 yards with a swing pass.And then, on third and goal at the four, Grossman threw a fade pass (do the Redskins ever complete fade passes?) to Stallworth, who gathered it in while dragging a toe to stay inbounds. The play survived a replay challenge and the Redskins took it to overtime.And they didnt get it done there and the result was another near-miss loss to Dallas.