Survey says ... Baltimore wants United?

Survey says ... Baltimore wants United?
November 2, 2011, 5:23 pm
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MLS is surveying Baltimoreans about their interest in having a pro soccer team in town, The Washington Post reported.

That team could be D.C. United, which wants a new stadium to replace its home of RFK Stadium but is finding it slow going in the Washington area. United's president, Kevin Payne, termed the survey "due diligence" in an interview with the Post.

"You have to understand your options," Payne said. "Were trying to understand the depth of interest in Baltimore.

Weve been saying this could happen. This isnt a game. This is serious. This isnt a bluff."

United has been approached by the state and city with a plan for a soccer stadium near the Ravens-Orioles complex.

In an email, MLS chief marketing officer Russ Findlay told the Post: We are busy looking ahead to the future of our league. As a part of this planning, we are conducting research in Baltimore to help determine the viability of the market as a potential future home of an MLS club.