Studs and duds picked at No. 10

Studs and duds picked at No. 10
January 18, 2011, 12:10 pm
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Tuesday, January 18, 2010 7:15 AM

By Rich Tandler
Redskins Blogger
The Washington Redskins never have selected tenth overall in the NFL draft as they are scheduled to do in April. What kind of player is available at No. 10? As you might expect a wide variety of players from Hall of Famers to utter busts. Here is a look at the players selected with tenth pick of the draft since 1960.
Hall of Fame Three players selected tenth are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. CB Rod Woodson (Steelers 1987), RB Marcus Allen (Raiders, 1982), and OT Ron Mix (Colts, 1960) have busts in Canton. RB Jerome Bettis (Rams, 1993) could well join those three this year or at some point in the future. Hall of Very Good Several other No. 10 picks had lengthy, excellent careers. QB John Hadl (Lions, 1962) decided to sign with the AFL and he passed for 33,503 yards in a 16-year career, mostly with the Chargers. In 1971, George Allen traded the tenth overall pick to the Rams along with six other draft picks and one player for six players and one pick. With the Redskins pick, Los Angeles took linebacker Isiah Robertson. He went on to make first-team All-Pro twice and he went to six Pro Bowls in 12 years with the Rams and Bills. In 1991 the Lions took WR Herman Moore out of Virginia. He caught over 100 passes three straight years from 1995-1997 and he was first-team All-Pro each of those seasons. Among tenth overall picks who started for their teams for 10 years or more are OT Willie Anderson (Bengals, 1996), DE Jacob Green (Seahawks 1980), RB Keith Byars (Eagles, 1986), and LB Eric Hill (Cardinals 1989). Pro Bowls The following tenth picks made at least one Pro Bowl: Woodson, 11; Mix, 8; Hadl, Allen, Bettis, Robertson, 6 each; Anderson, LB Jeff Seimon (Vikings, 1972), Moore, CB Gary Green (Chiefs 1977), LB Terrell Suggs (Ravens 2003), 4 each; CB Chris McAlister (Ravens, 1999), WR Al Toon (Jets 1985), 3 each; Green, WR Ken Burrough (Saints, 1970), 2 each; LB Jerod Mayo (Patriots, 2008), LB Jamir Miller (Cardinals, 1994), Byars, S Terry Kinard (Giants, 1983), and OT Keith Dorney (Lions 1979); 1 each. Currently active Eight tenth picks were on NFL rosters in 2010 were Suggs, CB Dunta Robinson (Texans 2004), WR Mike Williams (Lions, 2005), QB Matt Leinart (Cardinals, 2006), DT Amobi Okoye (Texans 2007), Mayo, WR Michael Crabtree (49ers, 2009) and DT Tyson Alualu (Jaguars, 2010). OT Levi Jones (Bengals 2002), who started eight games at left tackle for the Redskins in 2009, was unable to find an NFL home in 2010. Big-time busts You dont necessarily expect a tenth overall pick to be a perennial Pro Bowl player, but you would like to get several seasons as a starter out of him. But Williams, DE Jamal Edwards (Packers 2001), WR David Verser (Bengals, 1981), WR Larry Elkins (Packers, 1965) and WR Bobby Crespino (Browns, 1961) never spent a season as the primary starter for their teams. The Rams drafted guard Rufus Guthrie with the tenth pick in 1963 but it appears that they did not talk to him beforehand. Guthrie, out of Georgia Tech, never signed in the NFL and he went on to have a successful career in real estate. Topping the list of recent disappointments taken at 10 are Leinart, who couldnt hold on to the starting job in Arizona, and Williams, who crashed in Detroit and was out of football for two years before getting a new start in Seattle. All-time tenth pick team Quarterback: Hadl
Running backs: Allen, Bettis
Wide receivers: Moore, Toon
Tight end: Vacant, no TE has ever been selected tenth
Guards: Eric Moore (Giants, 1988), Chris Naeole (Saints, 1997)
Tackles: Mix, Willie Anderson (Bengals, 1996)
Center: Vacant, no C has ever been selected tenth Defensive end: Green, Loyd Phillips (Bears, 1967)
Defensive tackles: Jimmy Webb (49ers, 1975), Ray Agnew (Patriots, 1990)
Linebackers: Robertson, Siemon, Suggs
Cornerbacks: Woodson, Green
Safeties: Kinard, Paul Martha (Steelers, 1964) For a complete list of tenth overall picks since 1960, check this page on You can reach Rich Tandler by email at and follow him on Twitter @RealRedskins. Join Rich for a chat during both of the conference championship games this Sunday, Jan. 23. We can talk about the games, try to figure out how the Redskins beat both of the NFC finalists, discuss the Redskins prospects in free agency and in the draft, and anything else you want to chat about. Things will get underway at when the NFC game kicks off at 3:00 and go all the way through Jets-Steelers whenever that may end. See you there!