SI details Ramos kidnapping

SI details Ramos kidnapping
February 1, 2012, 5:22 pm
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It's been nearly three months since Wilson Ramos was abducted outside his home in Valencia, Venezuela, whisked away to a small cabin in the mountains and ultimately rescued by authorities.

Details of the incident, however, remain murky. Who exactly were the men who kidnapped Ramos, and were they the same people who were arrested following his rescue? How did the Venezuelan authorities find the Nationals catcher so quickly and pull off such a daring operation without anyone getting injured?

Sports Illustrated reporters Thomas Lake and Melissa Segura set out to answer some of those unresolved questions, and they provide a vivid account of the entire, 50-hour ordeal in this week's issue.

Lake and Segura still aren't able to answer all the questions, but they do paint a dramatic picture both of the harrowing moment when Ramos was taken away and of how corrupt the entire system is in his home country.

Here's a link to their full article.