Shanahan's draft history: offensive line

Shanahan's draft history: offensive line
March 22, 2011, 1:05 pm
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 9:00 p. m.

By Rich Tandler
Mike Shanahan has been the primary talent selector in 14 drafts with the Denver Broncos (1995-2008) and for one with the Washington Redskins (2010). How well has he performed? Were starting today with the offensive line. Details on each player's draft status are at the bottom of the article.
Best pick Tackle Ryan Clady is the only Pro Bowl lineman that Shanahan has drafted, and he probably will be a fixture at left tackle for the Broncos for years to come. Good picks Its too soon to tell how Trent Williams will turn out, but he certainly has all of the physical tools and, besides, it is hard for even the least competent drafter to screw up the fourth overall pick. Shanahan has been pretty good at finding guards in the middle rounds. Ben Hamilton started every game at guard for the Broncos for six years, Chris Kuper has been Denvers primary starter at right guard since 2007 and Dan Neil was their starter at right guard from 1998 to 2004. Worst picks The Broncos didnt get much out of first-round tackle George Foster. He barely played his rookie year, and they were so happy with his play as a starter from 2004 to 2006 that they traded him to the Lions. And if youre going to take a guard in the second round, he had better work out. Lennie Friedman (61st, 2000) didnt justify his draft position. His didnt play at all his rookie season after the tore his ACL during the preseason. After Friedman started 14 games in 2001, Shanahan brought in Hamilton to take his place and signed with the Redskins as a free agent. Friedman started 10 games in two years here and was done after a couple of years as a reserve with the Browns. Bad picks Guard Cooper Carlisle was a pretty good pick for the Raiders. After barely seeing the field on offense for his first five years, Carlisle became the Broncos' full-time starter in 2005. But after two years, he left for Oakland as a free agent and he has started 63 of 64 games there. Six of the linemen Shanahan has drafted have not played a snap in the NFL. The two he took in the seventh round for the Redskins last year, Eric Cook and Selvish Capers, might have a chance to play someday. It is likely the door has closed for Josh Sewell, Greg Eslinger, Fritz Fequiere and Leslie Ratliffe. The nitty-gritty Total offensive linemen drafted: 21 (5 centers, 9 guards, 7 tackles).
Seasons as starters: 47 (centers 6, guards 30, tackles 11)
Pro Bowls: 1, T Ryan Clady, 2009
Seasons as starter and Pro Bowls are for players' careers with all teams. RoundsPlayers 1. 3 T Trent Williams (4 overall), 2010; T Ryan Clady (12), 2008; T George Foster (20), 2003 2. 1 G Lennie Friedman (61), 2000 3. 2 T Ryan Harris (70), 2007; G Dan Neil (67), 1997 4. 4 C Kory Lichtensteiger (108), 2008; G Ben Hamilton (113), 2001; G Cooper Carlisle (112) 2000; T Jamie Brown (121), 1995 5. 2 G Chris Kuper (161) 2006; G Ben Claxton (2003) 6. 4 C Greg Eslinger (198), 2006; G Chris Myers (200), 2005 C Josh Sewell (190), 2004; G Fritz Fequiere (182), 1995 7. 5 C Erick Cook (229), 2010; T Selvish Capers (231), 2010; C Trey Teague (200), 1998; T Leslie Ratliffe (213) 1996; G Chris Banks (226) 1996 Links to details: Denver centers
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