Redskins Rewind: Week 6 playing time

Redskins Rewind: Week 6 playing time
October 18, 2011, 10:55 pm
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 6:53 p.m.

Playing time totals and other observations from the Redskins 20-13 loss to Philadelphia on Sunday:
OFFENSE (58 snaps)RB: Ryan Torain 31, Roy Helu 26, Darrel Young 9, Tim Hightower 0.
TE: Fred Davis 52, Logan Paulsen, Chris Cooley 7.

WR: Santana Moss 49, Jabar Gaffney 49, Donte Stallworth 43, Niles Paul 8, Terrence Austin 5.

OL: Will Montgomery 58, Chris Chester 58, Jammal Brown 58, Kory Lichtensteiger 5, Erik Cook 53, Trent Williams 9, Sean Locklear 49.

QB: Rex Grossman 37, John Beck 21.
Playing time analysisRB: Darrel Young, out the last two games with a hamstring injury, was active and played special teams but didnt play his first offensive snap until the fifth drive (late second quarter). Hightower was active but saw no snaps. Helu played on nine of 11 series.
WR: Moss and Gaffney continue to be receivers A and B. Stallworth got more playing time once the deficit mounted he played all but eight of the second-half snaps. Austin didnt play offense until the final two series. Paul was added to the mix in the second half (no snaps in first half, eight in second half).
TE: Cooley was accurate when he said post-game the Redskins had a heavy two-TE game plan. He played seven of the first eight snaps before getting hurt. Paulsen took over some of the reps but only 10 of the last 50, which showed the game plan was adjusted.
Overall analysis: The first play was a sign of things to come the Eagles werent going to send pressure and the Redskins werent apt to throw deep. Davis started blocking Tapp, released, caught Grossmans pass behind the line of scrimmage and gained 12 yards. Seven of the Redskins pass didnt travel beyond the line. The positive first play was negated when LT Trent Williams held Cullen Jenkins to negate a 4-yard gain. Williams, despite losing inside leverage, should have just rubbed out Jenkins because the play was going to the right. The Eagles DL did their homework snuffing out the Redskins screen game. On second-and-16 during the first drive, Jenkins got a hand on Torain and LB Jamar Chaney hit Torain just as the pass arrived (or a shade before). Grossmans first INT came a play later and gone was LG Kory Lichtensteiger. Williams went bonkers over what he called a dirty hit and was flagged for a 15-yard penalty.

The second series started the OL shuffle Montgomery from C to LG, Erik Cook in at C. Cooks second play was a tough go when he was pushed back by Patterson, who pursued laterally to tackle Torain after a 6-yard carry. Cooley was lost for a few weeks (or for the season) when he caught Grossmans pass and was immediately hit by Nnamdi Asomugha. The result was a busted finger. Grossmans release time: 1.25 seconds. Cooleys catch to hit: .44 seconds. Talk about hanging a guy up to dry. Asomugha started on Gaffney but read the play and Grossman should have done the same.

Cooks shotgun snap on the third series was a little left of Grossman but still catchable. Rex recovered to throw it away and prevent a complete debacle. Browns struggles continued on the third drive when he played too high and was beaten with a combo outsidepower move by Jason Babin to limit Helu to 2 yards. T. Williams was hurt when engaged with Tapp and had Babin (who had beat Brown) fell into him from behind in 2.15 seconds. Grossmans high throw to Helu over the middle was saved by Kurt Colemans defenseless-player hit (add 15 yards). At this point, were piling on Brown but its too easy. On the next play, LB Brian Rolle blitzed and Brown was late to react. Grossman had two seconds before Rolle hit him (somehow a 6-yard completion). The first near INT third-and-3. Brown and Locklear both beat in protection, pass behind Gaffney and CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie should have picked it off.

The second INT came on a first-and-10 (down 17-0). The Redskins went with a run look (2 TE) and heavy protection (four-man rush vs. 78-man protection). Grossman underthrew Gaffney on a deep post.

The Redskins finally got on the board to make it 20-3 at halftime. On second play of drive, huddle broke at 2:10 and didnt get play off before two-minute warning. Grossman made a nice throw to Davis (in 1.25 seconds) when Eagles blitzed Coleman. Moss day was summed up on next play when he was released after a Nnamdi chuck at the line, was uncovered on shallow cross and lost his footing. Second non-INT Grossman went downfield but S Nate Allen couldnt pick it off near the Redskins goal-line. The Redskins conceded going for a field goal by running a draw on second-and-15.

Down 20-3 to start the third quarter, the Redskins got possession first and at their own 40 thanks to a fine Brandon Banks return. Kyle Shanahan went for it on the first play hand-off to Helu, toss back to Grossman, 45-yard deep post completion to Gaffney. The protection was key from snap to throw was 3.90 seconds (four-man rush vs. seven-man protection). Of course the Redskins didnt cash in. First down decent 6-yard gain. Second down Patterson beats Brown for 1-yard run. Third down Grossman throwaway in 2.66 seconds against a three-man rush.

Without a doubt, Kyle Shanahans best play call was first-and-10 from the Redskins 1. Went with a run look (1 WR-2RB-2TE). At the snap, Paulsen looped around the backfield (that hasnt been seen this year), Torain picked up Babin and Davis beat Moise Fokous chuck before catching pass 10 yards downfield for a 31-yard gain. Alas, nothing happened three plays gained 6 yards, followed by a punt.

Grossman fell apart on the next two drives with consecutive interceptions. See related story. The first drive was given a 5-yard penalty when Asomugha held Moss, but derailed when Laws beat Cook and Landri wasnt cut by Locklear to result in a 1-yard run and an incompletion.

Cut to the Beck Entrance.

First drive: Safe play call 11 yards to Davis with a seven-man protection to get No. 12 off correctly. Becks first miss came when he had Torain on a wheel-type route to the left side open but missed him 14 yards downfield. Becks first scramble came with 9 yards after contact. The first third down conversion came in the fourth quarter when Beck threw 23 yards to Moss.

A separate paragraph for this futile play. Redskins have first-and-10 from Eagles 26. Torain was stopped for no gain. Lets count the mistakes: 1. Tapp beat Locklear. 2. Montgomery missed on cut of Chaney. 3. Chester count cut Fokou and Chester fell over Montgomery. 4. Brown didnt cut Patterson, and 5. Cook-Young couldnt contain Landri.

Becks first drive stalled and a 51-yard field goal attempt was aborted when Montgomery admitted a dumb-rear-end move, leaving the field when he thought the Redskins would punt. They did after the penalty.

Becks second drive (and only Redskins touchdown): Stallworth was falling to the ground but should have caught 50-yard pass. He was bailed out by Chaneys penalty on Davis that gave the Redskins a fresh set of downs. Beck was under siege during drive even though the Eagles werent sending a ton of pressure. On big play, Austin lined up at right slow and was ignored, catching a 32-yard completion down the right seam. Good call on first-and-goal from the 4 4WR0RB1TE look to spread out field for Beck to run up the middle for touchdown.

The Eagles two sacks:
1. Down 20-0, the Redskins had a third-and-11 from the Eagles 24 and go with a 4WR-0RB-1TE formation (Helu motioned out of the backfield). Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Mike Patterson pushed back now LG Will Montgomery and then used an inside move to sack Grossman in 2.28 seconds. Gano kicked on a 50-yard FG on the next play.

2. Down 20-6, the Redskins had a second-and-2 from the Eagles 42 and go with a 3WR-1RB-1TE formation. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Darryl Tapp beat LT Sean Locklear to flush John Beck out of the pocket. Beck scrambled right and dropped the ball and recovered so it was a gimme sack for Tapp.
DEFENSE (75 snaps)DL: Stephen Bowen 58, Barry Cofield 51, Adam Carriker 35, Kedric Golston 21, Chris Neild 7.

LB: London Fletcher 75, Ryan Kerrigan 75, Rocky McIntosh 75, Brian Orakpo 69, Rob Jackson 6.

DB: DeAngelo Hall 74, O.J. Atogwe 74, Josh Wilson 73, LaRon Landry 68, Kevin Barnes 44, Reed Doughty 8.

Playing time analysisDL: Bowen played a snap in every series and Cofield in all but one possession. The rotation stayed the same Neild spelled Cofield, who would then enter the game in nickel situations.

LB: Fletcher and Kerrigan are still constants in playing every snap of the season. Jackson spelled Orakpo on the second series for two snaps and the ninth series for four snaps.

DB: The Redskins played a ton of nickel (shown by Barnes playing time) against Eagles three-receiver sets. Doughty played one snap of goal-line and then an entire seven-snap series in the second half, that in relief of Landry.

Overall analysis: The Eagles didnt set their game-plan tone early Michael Vick threw a 49-yard incompletion. That said, they kept seven players in protection, which did set the tone.

The Eagles first scoring possession included a legitimate Orakpo helmet-to-helmet hit on Vick that gave Philadelphia life. The first big play allowed was a 23-yard pass to DeSean Jackson deep middle. Barnes appeared to release and Landry was late to account for that. Barnes was again off-point on a fourth-and-2 play when Jason Avant shed a Barnes rub to gain inside leverage to get free for an 18-yard gain. On the next play, McCoy gained 11 yards when LT Todd Herremans leaned on Rocky McIntosh and then laid out Atogwe and Wilson missed a tackle. Philadelphias first touchdown was a brilliant design. The Redskins went with their zero coverage (eight at the line of scrimmage) and at the snap, TE Brent Celek engaged with Orakpo, released, caught Vicks pass and scored when Herremans got out to block McIntosh.

From the second TD drive, Hall was obviously wary of the deep ball when he gave Jeremy Maclin 9 yards of cushion, who cut off his route for a 7-yard gain. Hall gave a whopping 12 yards of cushion on the next play, a 10-yard pass to Maclin in 1.72 seconds of release time by Vick. The biggest play was a 21-yard run by McCoy when Celek set the edge by blocking Orakpo and McIntosh was caught up in traffic.

Even though they allowed a field goal to fall to 17-0, it appeared the Redskins defense saw the light on the fourth series. After passes of 26 and 21 yards to Maclin and Celek, respectively, the Eagles had a first-and-goal at the 9-yard line. First down zero coverage and Vick is forced to throw at 1.16 seconds when Kerrigan is unblocked and gets a piece of a screen pass. Second down Dropped shovel pass by McCoy. Third down another Kerrigan quarterback pressure.

The Eagles last scoring drive of the first half (and the game) started with a Vick 25-yard scramble in which he didnt travel past the line of scrimmage until the 6.53-second mark.

Things turned around in the second half for the Redskins defense. The Eagles went interception-interception-downs-punt-punt before running out the clock to end the game. When Vick was rammed by Landry, the play was negated by Herremans holding penalty on Orakpo. Vicks 31-yard scramble began with a 5.28-second trip back to the line of scrimmage.

The Redskins two sacks of Vick
1. Third-and-goal from the Redskins 5: Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Orakpo rushes unblocked to disrupt the play. Cofield gets the sack of a scrambling Vick at the 5.19-second mark.

2. Second-and-5 from the Eagles 36. Five-man rush vs. five-man protection. Atogwe blitzed unblocked and got to Vick in 4.22 seconds.

The Redskins two interceptions of Vick
1. Third-and-5 from the Redskins 16. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Cofield rushed up the middle and Vicks pass bounced off Cofields helmet and was intercepted at the 1-yard line by Atogwe.

2. Third-and-11 from the Eagles 8. Five-man rush vs. six-man protection. In his second play, Vince Young is flushed to his right and chased by Landry. Young was hit as he threw and Hall intercepted.
SPECIAL TEAMSPunt coverage: Rocca, Sundberg, Paul, Young, Paulsen, Doughty, Fox, Alexander, Gomes, Westbrook and Riley..
Punt return: Banks, Westbrook, Young, Fox, Alexander, Doughty, Riley, Jackson, Wilson, Landry and Paul..

Kickoff coverage: Gano, Stallworth, Alexander, Austin, Paul, Young, Jackson, Riley, Doughty, Gomes and Westbrook.

Kickoff return: Banks, Paul, Golston, Alexander, Neild, Paulsen, Young, Fox, Doughty, McIntosh and Riley.

Roccas four punts (hang time, distance, return, Philadelphia starting point)
3.16 40 Downed Eagles 28
4.78 50 Fair catch Eagles 21
4.91 53 Downed Eagles 9
4.31 27 Fair catch Eagles 11

Ganos four kickoffs (hang time, result, return, Philadelphia starting point)
3.90 EZ TB Eagles 20
4.10 EZ TB Eagles 20
4.25 EZ TB Eagles 20
3.88 EZ TB Eagles 20

Overall analysis: Rocca completely neutralized Eagles PR DeSean Jackson (no return attempts) with a combination of hang time and directional punting. But throw in another key factor the Redskins offense stalls inside the opponents territory. Therefore, that impacts Roccas net average his net stats will be impacted by things like a 27-yard punt that lands inside the Philadelphia 11. Clearly, the Redskins game plan on kickoff coverage was to have Gano keep it out of the Eagles hands it was the second time this year (Week 3 at Dallas) that all of Ganos kickoffs were touchbacks.

It was a busy day for Brandon Banks, whose playing time remains exclusively to special teams. On his five kickoff returns, Banks left the end zone each time the kickoffs landed 4, 5, 8, 5 and 7 yards deep into the end zone. The only bad decision came when Banks chose to return a kick 8 yards deep on 4.16 seconds hang time and only got to the Redskins 15. Golston was flagged on the second kickoff return for holding the Eagles Riley Cooper. Landry saw his first special teams action of the year via punt return blocker.

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