Redskins Rewind: Week 14 Defense

Redskins Rewind: Week 14 Defense
December 13, 2011, 9:34 pm
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Playing time totals and observations for the Redskins defense from their 34-27 loss to New England on Sunday:
DEFENSE (60 snaps)DL: Stephen Bowen 44, Barry Cofield 44, Adam Carriker 28, Darrion Scott 9.

LB: Ryan Kerrigan 60, London Fletcher 60, Perry Riley 60, Brian Orakpo 56, Rob Jackson 4.

DB: DeAngelo Hall 60, Josh Wilson 60, Reed Doughty 60, Kevin Barnes 50, DeJon Gomes 47, O.J. Atogwe 13, Byron Westbrook 3.

Playing time analysis:
DL: Rookie NT Chris Neild played no snaps for the first time this year. He had played at least six snaps in each of the first 12 games, but the sub packages made him a spectator. Carrker and Bowen both played nine of 15 plays on a first-half drive and Scott saw six of his nine snaps on that drive as well.

LB: Kerrigan is still batting 1.000 for the season (838 for 838). Fletcher played every snap in a game for the eighth time this year. Riley played every snap for the first time in his two-year career. Rocky McIntosh got his third Did Not Play-Coachs Decision (he played on special teams).

DB: Barnes total was a season high, due to the Redskins playing 53 snaps in Nickel package (five defensive backs). The Redskins, though, did not play a single snap in Dime (six DBs). Nickel was the personnel on 47 of the last 53 plays. Westbrook saw his three snaps during the fourth quarter when Barnes was shaken up. Atogwe didnt see the field until the final play of the third quarter and then played 13 straight in place of Gomes. Hall played the whole game for a sixth time this year, Wilson the fifth time and Doughty the fourth time.

Overall analysis:
The Redskins started well, forcing a four-and-out on the Patriots first drive. New Englands other tight end, Aaron Hernandez started the game when he got one step on Fletcher and gained 24 yards.

The first Patriots scoring drive was quick for them and pathetic for the Redskins. What happened on Rob Gronkowskis 49-yard catch, better known as The Play DeAngelo Decided To Watch: Seven-man rush vs. seven-man protection. Gronkowski made a diving catch at the 50. Gomes hit him at the 47, Doughty at the 46, Gronkowski finally broke free at the 40 and was eventually hit by Wilson at the 24. Not D-Halls greatest moment. On the next play, Gronkowski was covered well by Gomes, but Brady threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to the spot (high) where only his guy could catch it.

After a three-and-out, New England went back to work. BenJarvus Green-Ellis gained 13 yards when Nate Solder blocked inside on Orakpo and Hall followed Wes Welker inside, thus no edge being established. Two plays later, the Patriots double-teamed Bowen and Carriker, allowing Riley to stop Green-Ellis for no gain. Welker got his first catch on a third-and-5 play (8 yards) when Brady had a whopping 5.06 seconds to throw before getting hit by Kerrigan. Great call by Bill OBrien two plays later. Out of the shotgun, Danny Woodhead ran 12 yards up the middle when Cofield started an outside pass rush, allowing McDonald to get out to Fletcher. The lone Chad OchoCinco sighting was a 15-yard catch on third-and-10 when he turned Wilson around. The Patriots settled for a field goal and a 17-all tie when Gomes drilled Gronkowski at the goal-line and Hernandez dropped a pass just inside the end zone.

The Patriots ran a play every 16.6 seconds to kick a tying field goal as the first half expired. Gronkowskis 50-yard completion happened when Riley hesitated for just a moment to decide whether to pick up Welker on an underneath cross or Gronkowski downfield and it was too late. Riley made up the 4-yard head start to tackle him down field. Enough has been said on Fletchers penalty for hitting Brady. Just bad. Gronkowski was open for Brady, who threw low and behind him to force a field goal. There may have been a communication issue for the Redskins Riley looked at Doughty after the play (possibly expecting inside help).

New England got the ball right away to start second half and used Halls 20-yard penalty sequence (holding Welker, throwing Mr. Officials flag) to move into Redskins territory. The Patriots decided to get Welker involved after a quiet first half completions of 14, 9 and 8 yards. Gronkowskis 37-yard touchdown was a rare rookie mistake by Kerrigan. He thought Gronkowski was going to pass protect, but Kerrigan got fooled and knew it he tried to hold him (didnt work) and then missed the tackle at the 32-yard line.

A weird Patriots drive for their 34-27 lead 4P, 5R, 2R and then 29P, 16P and 24P. The last three plays: Brady had 3.62 seconds to find Hernandez, who had a step on Barnes, made the catch, hit the breaks and went up-field the other way for 14 yards after the catch. Welker caught the next pass, a quick throw behind the line of scrimmage. And Welkers touchdown Brady had 5.19 seconds and avoided Kerrigan, who had steam-rolled Nate Solder.

Taking over with 10:34 left and a seven-point lead, the Patriots moved into position to put the game away. Hernandez overpowered Barnes for a 13-yard catch and broke a Riley tackle for a 14-yard gain. Woodhead gained 12 yards when Solder rubbed out an unwilling-to-set-the-edge Hall. But DeAngelo bounced back on the next play, taking on McDonald and Matt Light to allow Riley to clean up for a 2-yard gain. Bradys throw to Welker was a little behind Wes, but still a drop. Wilsons first interception as a Redskin came when he jumped in front of WR Tiquan Underwood as they ran across the back of the end zone.

The Redskins one sack of Brady:
1. Third-and-9 from the Patriots 16. Five-man rush vs. six-man protection, one of the few times New England used an additional player in protection. Barry Cofield and Stephen Bowen ran a stunt, allowing Bowen to get past center Nick McDonald. Bowen jumps over blocking running back Danny Woodhead to get the sack in 3.22 seconds.

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