Redskins Rewind: Week 12 Special Teams

Redskins Rewind: Week 12 Special Teams
November 29, 2011, 4:01 pm
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A look at the Redskins' special teams during Sunday's win at Seattle:
SPECIAL TEAMSKR: Riley, McIntosh, Doughty, Gomes, Young, Jackson, Sellers, Alexander, Paulsen, Banks, Westbrook.

KC: Gano, Austin, Armstrong, Alexander, Young, Jackson, Sellers, Doughty, Riley, Westbrook, Gomes.

PC: Rocca, Sundberg, Austin, Doughty, McIntosh, Sellers, Alexander, Westbrook, Young, Gomes, Riley.

PR: Banks, Armstrong, Austin, Gomes, Westbrook, Sellers, Young, Jackson, Alexander, Fox, Doughty.

Ganos five kickoffs (hang time, distance, return, Seattle starting point)
4.10 67 35 Seahawks 33
4.12 68 51 Seahawks 48 (longest allowed by Redskins this year)
3.97 EZ TB Seahawks 20
3.94 OB OB Seahawks 40 (out of bounds)
3.78 EZ TB Seahawks 20

Roccas four punts (hang time, distance, return, Seattle starting point)
4.22 39 TB Seahawks 20 (first touch-back of year)
4.58 39 FC Seahawks 35
4.87 49 1 Seahawks 12
4.50 51 0 Seahawks 18 (15-yard penalty on Seattle)
(Four punts, 44.5 average, 39.3 net, 1 touchback, 1 inside 20).

Overall Analysis
Brandon Banks was neutralized on both kick and punt returns. Kicks One attempt for 19 yards plus two touchbacks and a squib kick that Sellers returned for 15 yards. Punts Three returns for a 2.3-yard average and three that were downed. Seattles cover teams did a nice job because of hang time and distance by kicker Steven Hauschka and punter Jon Ryan. On the first kickoff out of the end zone, the hang time was only 3.66 seconds. The Redskins dodged a bullet on Leon Washingtons first kickoff return Gano slowed him down at the 27 enough for Austin and Alexander to clean up (35-yard return). Sellers return came on a 1.81-second line drive.

The first blocked field goal was a 23-yard attempt by Gano. Bryant and Raheem Brock drove back Montgomery.

L. Washington started the second half with a 51-yard kickoff return, the longest allowed by the Redskins this year. Alexander was blocked just enough to get off balance and Armstrong missed a tackle. At the end of the play, Young assisted in the tackle but also landed on his head and left with a concussion.

Austin was flagged for his second penalty in as many weeks (and the ninth by the special teams this year) when he needlessly blocked Kennard Cox behind the back during a Banks punt return.

Austin drew a penalty in the second half when he was roughed out of bounds and then in bounds by Browner, resulting in a Seattle starting point of its own 18-yard line.

Rocca helped flip the field position late in the third quarter with a 49-yard punt that had a whopping 4.85-second hang time, limiting L. Washington to a 1-yard return. Seattle started at its own 12 but eventually scored a touchdown.

Banks 19-yard kickoff return early in the fourth quarter set the Redskins up at the 30 because of Tates celebration penalty made Seattle kickoff from its own 20. The Redskins scored a touchdown on the drive.

Bryant nearly had his third blocked kick officials indicated with a deflected signal that he got a piece of Ganos 25-yard made field goal with 1:06 remaining.

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