Redskins Rewind: Week 12 Offense

Redskins Rewind: Week 12 Offense
November 29, 2011, 3:53 pm
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Offensive playing time totals and other observations from the Redskins 23-17 win over Seattle on Sunday.
OFFENSE (74 snaps)RB: Roy Helu 69, Darrel Young 18, Mike Sellers 14, Evan Royster 5.

TE: Fred Davis 71, Logan Paulsen 32 (or 33 more on that later).

WR: Santana Moss 57, Jabar Gaffney 56, Donte Stallworth 30, Anthony Armstrong 3, Terrence Austin 1.

QB Rex Grossman, RT Jammal Brown, RG Chris Chester, C Will Montgomery, LG Maurice Hurt and LT Trent Williams played all 74 snaps. (Chester and Montgomery have yet to miss a snap this year).

Playing time analysisRB: The Redskins werent kidding when they told Helu he would be the go-to guy. Torains playing time the last three games has fallen from 23 to 20 to none. Youngs concussion kept him out of the second half but created a chance for Sellers. He entered the game with only seven offensive snaps all season. Royster spelled Helu on the first, fourth and last possessions of the game.

TE: Davis slipping were joking. He has been given a short rest in the two straight games after going the distance against San Francisco and Miami. With Chris Cooley out, Paulsen has set a season-high playing time total in each of the last four games, going from 15 to 16 to 23 to 32 snaps.

WR: Moss returned from a four-game absence (broken hand) to play on every series, including nine of 11 plays on a first-half drive. Gaffney played 13 of 15 plays on the opening-game drive. Stallworth has played 72 snaps in the two games since his return to the Redskins. Austin is in the Figurative Doghouse (12 snaps last three games, 74 in two games before that).

Overall analysis
The opening-drive score was only the Redskins second of the year and their first touchdown. It was built around play action and the screen game. Helu started his big day by breaking a tackle on a nine-yard run. Moss was involved quickly receiver screen pass for 3 yards and then incomplete pass 38 yards downfield. On the latter play, Seattle S Kam Chancellor got away with an equal parts helmet-to-helmetdefenseless player hit. The first possession was extended when, on third-and-11, Brandon Browner was called for holding on Stallworth. Double play action allowed Davis to cross the field for a 20-yard catch but he gave 15 yards back when he flipped the football at LB Leroy Hill. On the next play, Helu lost a yard when Paulsen missed a block on K.J. Wright. Who knows what CB Richard Sherman was doing when, on third-and-6, he gave Moss 9 yards of cushion. Moss ran to the sticks and gained 8 yards. Davis 31-yard catch included 13 yards after the catch and he ran over Chancellor at the 10. Helu was stopped for no gain on first-and-goal because of a bad match-up Red Bryant (323 pounds) vs. Davis (258). Davis 2-yard touchdown started with him in pass protection against Chris Clemons before releasing across the field. Chancellor was covering Paulsen, leaving nobody to account for Davis.

Grossmans first interception second-and-9 from the Redskins 24. Four-man rush vs. seven-man protection. Gaffney ran from the right slot and tried to juke Browner when an inside-outside move. The throw was a little high and a little behind Gaffney but Browner used his 6-foot-4 frame to make the interception 10 yards downfield.

Play action was used to start the third drive. Sherman bit on Grossmans fake and was late to recover to a crossing Gaffney, who gained 17 yards. Helu gained 11 yards on the next play but it would have been more if he hadnt tripped over Stallworth. Even if Davis had not recovered Moss fumble, it would have been negated because of Wrights face-mask penalty on Moss. Gaffney wasnt forced out of bounds on his negated 4-yard touchdown catch, a play in which Clemons easily shed Paulsen and drilled Grossman. The blocked field goal ended the possession.

The offenses first snap of the third quarter was Grossmans second interception. With 3.75 seconds to throw, he went 45 yards into triple coverage (intended receiver was Moss) and Sherman picked it off.

To start the fourth quarter, Helu was thrown for a 1-yard loss when Hill beat Chester. The Seahawks only sack came two plays later.

Down 10-7, the Redskins were bailed out of a third down play when Wright roughed Grossman. But the drive ended with a punt.

The Redskins got back in the game on Helus 28-yard touchdown run (his first) with 9:51 remaining. Grossman made the pitch left out of the shotgun on third-and-3. Helu hurdled Roy Lewis at the line of scrimmage and almost instantly after landing, Chancellor bounced off him at the 21. That sprung Helu free. Key blocks on the play came from Williams, Davis, Moss, Stallworth and finally Chester. Hurt was injured on the play when he got tangled up with Clemons, but he didnt miss a snap.

Armstrongs 50-yard, go-ahead touchdown on third-and-19 (the longest conversion of the season): Four-man vs. five-man protection. Grossman stepped up in the pocket after both Williams and Brown were beat to the outside. Grossman threw at 3.87 seconds and the pass traveled 60 yards. It was the Redskins longest offensive play of the year. Earlier in the drive, Helu picked up a blitzing S Earl Thomas, allowing Grossman to throw 15 yards to Sellers. ...

The Redskins averted disaster deep in their own territory when Sellers left arm knocked the football out of Grossmans hand before he could hand off to Helu. They punted and Seattle took over with 2:34 remaining.

The Seahawks one sack of Grossman
1. Third quarter, third-and-6 from Redskins 34. Five-man rush vs. seven-man protection. Helu picks up the safety blitz, but DE Anthony Hargrove uses his left arm to gain leverage on LG Maurice Hurt to the outside and sacks Grossman in 2.56 seconds.

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