Redskins Rewind: Week 12 Defense

Redskins Rewind: Week 12 Defense
November 29, 2011, 3:58 pm
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Defensive playing time totals and other observations from the Redskins' win at Seattle on Sunday:

DEFENSE (66 snaps)DL: Stephen Bowen 54, Barry Cofield 48, Adam Carriker 45, Darrion Scott 17, Chris Neild 7.

LB: London Fletcher 66, Ryan Kerrigan 66, Perry Riley 65, Brian Orakpo 61, Rob Jackson 6.

DB: DeAngelo Hall 66, Josh Wilson 66, LaRon Landry 47, O.J. Atogwe 42, Reed Doughty 38, Kevin Barnes 30.

Playing time analysisDL: The Tough Guy Award goes to Bowen, who sustained a third-degree tear of his PCL ligament in his left knee yet continued and finished the game. He was the only defensive lineman to play in every possession. Kentwan Balmers healthy scratch created more playing time for Scott. Cofield and Bowen played 10 of 12 snaps in a second-quarter series and Carriker 11 of 12 in a second-half series.

LB: Kerrigan remains the only player on defense to have not missed a snap hes now 713 for 713. Fletcher also played every snap, and the only play Riley missed was due to a unique personnel grouping that had Kerrigan serving as a defensive lineman. Five of Jacksons six snaps served in relief of Orakpo. Rocky McIntosh saw no playing time for the first time this year.

DB: Wacky substitution pattern at safety for the Redskins. Mike Shanahan said O.J. Atogwe didnt start because he wasnt full speed. Well, maybe he got healed at halftime. First half for No. 20 8-of-26 snaps; second half 34-of-40 snaps. Looks like they were saving him. Landry missed the first five plays of the second half to get his groin injury re-wrapped in the locker room. Hall and Wilson went the distance. Barnes saw a few snaps at safety in four-defensive back personnel. The Redskins played zero snaps in six-DB personnel after sprinkling it in last week.

Overall analysis
The Redskins defense didnt take the field until the 7:05 mark of the first quarter and promptly got off five plays later. ... Once Seattle entered Redskins territory, the defense forced a throw-away and a rushed seven on a drop by Mike Williams. Halls first near interception happened when Landry ran a delay blitzed and was unblocked.

The Seahawks first decent play was a 13-yard pass to Anthony McCoy when Tarvaris Jackson ran a boot-leg to the right. McCoy came across the field and either Riley or Kerrigan lost him in coverage. Riley rebounded on the next play, beating center Max Unger to stop Leon Washington for a 1-yard gain (Doughty assisted).

A play after Browners interception, Seattle tied it when Jackson threw a swing pass to a wide open Lynch 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. TE Zach Miller on Fletcher and RG Paul McQuistan on Landry were the big downfield blocks.

Halls second near interception came when Jackson over-lofted a pass to the right side to WR Doug Baldwin. Baldwin gained 13 yards when Seattle got its match-up him against Kerrigan, even though the Redskins had five defensive backs on the field. Atogwe hung in there when Lynch went helmet to helmet, still making the tackle for a 7-yard gain. Kerrigan drew another holding penalty (on Lynch) to derail Seattles drive. On a second-and-20 play from midfield, Barnes had great back-side pursuit, slowing down Lynch for Kerrigan and Bowen to clean up. RT Bruno Giacominis first cheap shot was taking a run at Bowen for a roughness penalty (it was declined).

Halls strong second half started with a pass break-up 36 yards vs. Mike Williams in man coverage. Two plays later, Wilson should have had an interception at the least and a touchdown at the most. In zone coverage, the pass went right to Wilson, but he dropped it. Seattle missed a field goal on the next play.

After Grossmans second INT, the Redskins defense answered Atogwe broke up a pass to Rice (who was hurt on the play) and Orakpo drew a holding call on Miller that was declined.

Wilsons 44-yard pass interference call was debatable at best and a terrible call at worst. He was engaged with Williams and the receiver didnt appear to be impacted greatly by the contact. It was the Redskins fourth pass interference penalty this year. Again, though, the Redskins bounced back Bowen beat Giacomini (2-yard run), Kerrigan beat McCoy (1-yard run) and Hall broke up a pass in the end zone (intended for Williams). Seattle kicked a field goal.

The poorest drive of the game for the Redskins defense resulted in a 17-7 deficit in the fourth quarter. It started with Lynch gaining 12 yards when Atogwe and Landry missed tackles. The drive was methodical gains of 12, 7, 4, 11, 2, 2, 24, 7, 1, 3 and 15 yards. The first big play was a third-and-6 conversion from midfield when Jackson threw to Baldwin, who gained 16 yards post-catch (24 total) when Landry missed the tackle and looked much less than 100 percent in pursuit. Bowen injured his knee with 13:47 left in the game but he quickly returned. On first-and-10 from the 15, Orakpo and Landry showed good recognition to Seattles quick pass to Lynch. Orakpo beat LT Russell Okungs cut block attempt to bat the pass and if it was completed, Landry had already beaten Tates block. Seattle led 17-7 when Tate ran an inside slant for a 15-yard TD catch. Hall had outside position and could have been expecting safety help from Atogwe.

After the Redskins took a 20-17 lead, Seattle was penalized 15 yards on Giacominis second cheap shot he chop blocked Orakpo, who was in pursuit and already engaged with Okung. That meant a first-and-25, a second-22 and a third-and-11. On the third-down play, the Redskins showed zero coverage again and Jackson threw 34 yards incomplete to Baldwin with a gimpy Landry in coverage (got away with a hand to the helmet).

Seattle took over with 2:34 remaining at its own 18. On third-and-2, Barnes blitzed from the left slot unblocked and quickly got to Jackson, who extended the play for 6.44 seconds before throwing it away. The pass didnt come close to the line of scrimmage, which should have equaled intentional grounding. Officials disagreed, but called illegal man downfield. Mike Shanahan chose third-and-7 instead of fourth-and-2. After a two-yard pass, Landry sacked Jackson.

The win was sealed when Hall got his first interception since Week 6 (and second this year) on a pass 17 yards downfield intended for Tate.

The Redskins two sacks of Jackson
1. Fourth quarter, third-and-6 from the Seattle 24. A zero coverage look by the Redskins eight at the line of scrimmage. All of them rush and Landry was unblocked to Jacksons front-side and sacked him in 2.25 sacks (Orakpo beat Okung on the blind-side). A penalty on Tate was declined.

2. Fourth quarter, fourth-and-5 from the Seattle 27. A zero coverage look again, the Redskins rushed seven vs. six-man protection. In 2.85 seconds, Bowen and Orakpo split the nine-yard sack.

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