Redskins Rewind: Week 11 playing time

Redskins Rewind: Week 11 playing time
November 23, 2011, 1:01 am
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Playing time totals and observations from the Redskins 27-24 overtime loss to Dallas on Sunday:

OFFENSE (71 snaps)RB: Roy Helu 38, Ryan Torain 20, Darrel Young 16, Tashard Choice 10.

TE: Fred Davis 70, Logan Paulsen 23.

WR: Jabar Gaffney 65, Donte Stallworth 42, David Anderson 39, Anthony Armstrong 29, Terrence Austin 3.

QB Rex Grossman, LT Trent Williams, LG Tyler Polumbus, C Will Montgomery, RG Chris Chester and RT Jammal Brown played every snap.
Playing time analysis:RB: The Choice Error lasted three weeks, one game, six carries and the aforementioned 10 snaps. Either they didnt like what they saw or they signed him for recon purposes. Helu again didnt start, but led the group in snaps, playing 23 of the last 30 snaps. Torain didnt play the final 20 first-half snaps.

TE: Davis streak of playing every snap ended at two games he sat out a second-quarter snap. Paulsen played at least one snap on every possession but two.

WR: Stallworth went from the street to playing 22 of the last 23 snaps. Anderson continued to get work as the slot receiver on both sides of the formation. Armstrong escaped the figurative doghouse to start and see regular time. Austin has fallen out of the rotation after playing 37 snaps apiece against Carolina and Buffalo.

Overall observations:
Davis fumble to end the first possession was a bang-bang call referee Ed Hochuli told Mike Shanahan that if the on-field call was down by contact, he wouldnt have been able to overturn it. The second series was just as ugly two drops by Gaffney and one by Young. And the third series a Torain drop and a missed open receiver (Gaffney).

Polumbus was called for holding Jay Ratliff to erase a 19-yard pass to Davis to start the fifth series. There was finally life starting on the sixth possession. Anderson beat Orlando Scandrick for a 23-yard gain on third-and-7. Two plays later, Ratliff beat Brown to stop Choice for a 2-yard loss. Grossman scored on a 4-yard keeper when the Redskins went four receivers and one tight end to spread the field out.

The second scoring drive started at the Dallas 43 and the first 5 yards came when Terence Newman held Armstrong. The Cowboys defense wasnt set when the Redskins picked up the pace and Helu went up the middle for 10 yards. Grossman got away with an intentional grounding when he threw it away on second-and-16. On the next play, Grossman held the ball for 3.09 seconds before throwing 16 yards to Gaffney.

Completions of 28 yards to Gaffney and 24 yards to Davis put the Redskins at the Dallas 20. The drive stalled with a high screen pass and a could-be-called-a-drop by Armstrong in the end zone.

Grossmans interception traveled 39 yards before Scandrick picked it off. It was a seven-man rush vs. a seven-man protection.

Down 24-17, the 12-play, 89-yard drive highlights were passes of 20 yards to Stallworth, 27 to Young (25 YAC), a Scandrick holding call on third-and-2 and a big 9-yard catch on third-and-5 from the 11 by Davis. Grossman showed great touch on his TD throw to Stallworth.

In overtime, the Redskins reached the Dallas 36 before Helu lost 2 yards (Barry Church blitzed) and, two plays later, against a three-man rush, Grossman scrambledwas sacked for a 1-yard loss.

The Cowboys three sacks of Grossman:
1. Second quarter, third-and-2 from the Redskins 20. Three-man rush vs. five-man protection. Jason Hatcher beat new LG Tyler Polumbus in 3.06 seconds. Grossman recovered the fumble.

2. Fourth quarter, first-and-20 from the Redskins 12. Three-man rush vs. five-man protection. DeMarcus Ware beat Brown to sack Grossman in 2.16 seconds.

3. Overtime, third-and-7 from the Cowboys 33. Against a three-man rush and with a five-man protection, Grossman scrambled and went down for a 1-yard loss.

DEFENSE (74 snaps)DL: Stephen Bowen 54, Barry Cofield 53, Adam Carriker 44, Darrion Scott 24, Chris Neild 12, Kentwan Balmer 11.

LB: Ryan Kerrigan 74, Brian Orakpo 71, Perry Riley 68, London Fletcher 66, Rocky McIntosh 14, Rob Jackson 3.

DB: DeAngelo Hall 74, O.J. Atogwe 73, DeJon Gomes 71, Josh Wilson 58, Kevin Barnes 16, Byron Westbrook 16, Reed Doughty 10.

Playing time analysis: DL: Scott was a healthy scratch the first eight games and was then released. He re-signed last Tuesday and was a part of the rotation on Sunday. Another newbie, Balmer, upped his playing time up from five snaps against Miami. On the longest drive of the game (14 plays), four linemen saw at least seven snaps and all six played at least two snaps. Carriker, Cofield and Bowen each took turns as the lone linemen on the field when the Redskins played dime in the secondary.

LB: Kerrigan is still batting 1.000 this year he yet to miss a snap and was the only player to go the distance against Dallas besides Hall. The substitutions began in the second half McIntosh subbed on two possessions for first Riley and then Fletcher. Jackson spelled Orakpo. Fletcher sat out an entire seven-play, second-half series. Thirteen of McIntoshs 14 snaps came in the second half.

DB: Atogwe missed only one snap after missing the last two games with knee and toe injuries. Gomes made his first NFL start and missed only three plays when he injured his knee. Wilson (hamstring) left for good during the third possession of the second half. All seven defensive backs played at least 10 snaps.

Overall observations:
On Dallas opening series, the Cowboys had four first downs. The first big gain was a 14-yard swing pass to DeMarco Murray. He wasnt covered the nearest Redskins defender was 9 yards away when he made the catch. Riley and Gomes missed tackles. The Redskins kept it simple on the opening drive three four-man rushes. The defense forced a field goal when Wilson did a nice job in coverage against Laurent Robinson 10 yards downfield on third-and-7.

Halls long afternoon began when, on third-and-8 from the 22, he equal parts bit and got turned around, allowing Dez Bryant to run a go route and score the touchdown. Hall probably thought the Cowboys were aiming for the marker instead of the end zone.

Kerrigan made his first impact when he pushed Murray back in pass protection to the point where Murray ran into Romos shoulder, forcing an incompletion.

Bryant had the advantage against Hall for a 20-yard gain to start the fourth possession. Hall rebounded two plays later when not responsible for anybody in coverage, he snuffed out a short throw to Murray for a 2-yard loss.

Wilson was flagged for a 16-yard pass interference call on a second-and-13 play when his right arm grabbed Robinsons left hand.

The Redskins went dime (six defensive backs) for the first time on third-and-6 from the Dallas 9 midway through the second quarter. Cofield was the only linemen on the field. Against a three-man rush, Romo threw 10 yards incomplete to Jason Witten.

Gomes left the game for a short spell when he injured his right knee after getting caught up in a pile tackling Murray. Cofield retreated on a zone blitz on a second-and-14 play in which Witten caught an 11-yard pass and recovered his own fumble. Wilson was challenged three straight passes early in the fourth quarter incomplete, incomplete and 7-yard touchdown that happened in 4.93 seconds.

Wilson (hamstring) left for good with about 10 minutes remaining. Kerrigan almost had his second interception but Romos pass tipped off his hands and into the hand of Martellus Bennett for a 13-yard gain.

On the 59-yard touchdown pass, Witten caught the pass at the Redskins 35 and scored basically untouched Hall was trying to pop the ball out as he crossed the goal-line. Romo had 5.01 seconds to throw on that play.

The Redskins got away with one on a third-and-6 play from the Washington 41. Fletcher ended up in coverage against Robinson, who ran a seam route from the slot but Romo overshot him.

The Cowboys first snap in overtime was a 14-yard pass to Bennett that should have been much less. He caught the ball 7 yards downfield but Hall and Atogwe couldnt bring him down and Fletcher pushed the pile in the wrong direction. On the 26-yard pass to Bryant, the Redskins rushed five against a seven-man protection.

The Redskins four sacks of Romo:
1. Second quarter, second-and-9 from the Redskins 25. Five-man rush vs. five-man protection. Carriker beat RG Kyle Kosier and Neild beat C Phil Costa to get Romo in trouble in 3.22 seconds. They split the sack.

2. Second quarter, second-and-9 from the Redskins 31. Five-man rush vs. six-man protection. Kerrigan used a swim move to beat RT Tyron Smith and get to Romo in 3.57 seconds for an eight-yard loss.

3. Third quarter, first-and-10 from the Dallas 34. Four-man rush vs. six-man protection. A complete coverage sack Romo was taken down by Bowen after 6.22 seconds. Gomes blitzed on the play but was picked up.

4. Third quarter, third-and-3 from the Dallas 41. Four-man coverage vs. five-man protection. In dime personnel, Fletcher was left unblocked and sacked Romo for a 12-yard loss in 2.25 seconds.

SPECIAL TEAMSPunt return: Banks, Austin, Westbrook, Jackson, Sellers, Young, Paulsen, Alexander, Gomes, Wilson and Choice.

Punt coverage: Rocca, Sundberg, Young, McIntosh, Westbrook, Gomes, Doughty, Riley, Austin, Sellers and Alexander.

Kickoff return: Banks, Westbrook, Young, Gomes, Doughty, McIntosh, Riley, Sellers, Paulsen, Alexander and Jackson.

Kickoff coverage: Gano, Westbrook, Doughty, Gomes, McIntosh, Sellers, Austin, Armstrong, Alexander, Young and Jackson.

Ganos five kickoffs (hang time, distance, return, Dallas starting point)
3.75 EZ TB Dallas 20
4.19 70 23 Dallas 18
4.10 63 17 Dallas 19
4.18 64 16 Dallas 17
4.19 EZ TB Dallas 20

Roccas five punts (hang time, distance, return, Dallas starting point)
4.34 42 FC Dallas 21
4.65 52 8 Dallas 36
3.47 43 14 Dallas 48 (because of penalty)
4.53 63 -- Dallas 5 (because of penalty)
3.87 43 OB Dallas 12

Overall observations:
Gano got a break on the opening kickoff he sailed it out of bounds but officials ruled it had crossed the goal-line. Roccas 43-yard kick was aided by a 10-yard roll. Austin was flagged for a block in the back that resulted in a 26-yard difference in field position. The Redskins flipped the field when Roccas 63-yard punt from his own 29 combined with a Dallas penalty equaled the Cowboys starting at their own 5. They went three-and-out, Mat McBriar shanked his punt and the Redskins needed only 32 yards to score a touchdown. Banks 32-yard punt return was aided by an Armstrong-Austin combo block and could have been more but Sellers had to release Bruce Carter or risk a holding penalty. Banks 55-yard punt was on a 60-yard punt with 4.97 seconds of hang time. Austin and Paulsen had the big blocks.

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