Redskins Rewind

Redskins Rewind
November 2, 2011, 12:35 am
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Playing time totals and observations from the Redskins 23-0 loss to Buffalo on Sunday:

OFFENSE (56 snaps)
RB: Roy Helu 34, Ryan Torain 22, Darrel Young 14.

TE: Fred Davis 54, Logan Paulsen 3.

WR: Jabar Gaffney 49, Terrence Austin 37, Niles Paul 30, Anthony Armstrong 19, Donte Stallworth 8, Leonard Hankerson 8.

Playing time analysis
RB: Torain started the game and played first- and second-down in the first half before the Redskins went pass-only, semi-hurry up in the second half, resulting in only seven snaps for Torain after halftime. Young has played 39 snaps the last two games.

TE: Davis may have been walking around Redskin Park on Monday with a boot on his foot, but he missed only two snaps. The Redskins all but abandoned a two-tight end formation Paulsen saw his smallest playing time since Week 3.

WR: Based strictly on playing time, as expected, Gaffney is the Redskins No. 1 receiver with Santana Moss out. All six receivers saw action within the first three possessions. Gaffney, Austin and Paul played on every possession.

Overall analysis:
The 56 snaps was a season low; the previous mark was 58 against Philadelphia in Week 6. The Redskins showed some abnormal uniqueness on the first two snaps double play-action and a semi-screen to Gaffney (5 yards behind the line) for a 5-yard gain and then a Stallworth end-around run for 2 yards although it was doomed to fail. Beck got hit for the first time on the third play in 2.65 seconds and TV replays showed Kyle Shanahan already ticked off.

The initial first down featured an empty backfield when Torain motioned to receiver and Beck had 2.91 seconds to throw 5 yards to Davis. For the second time in three games, Beck fumbled while scrambling untouched. He has recovered both times. Hankersons first NFL catch was a converted third down for 13 yards. A deep shot later in the drive to Hankerson was compromised when C Erik Cook was pushed back into Beck.

Beck banged his throwing thumb off Will Montgomerys helmet while cashing in a gamble 10-yard pass to Davis near three Bills defenders.

Becks first deep shot to Armstrong was 50 yards downfield and into double coverage. Kyle Shanahan clearly dialed this up the Bills sent four against an eight-man protection, including Gaffney and Davis in pass pro.

Frankly, the second half was only about all of the Bills sacks (see below). Becks first INT was on a third-and-4 play from midfield. He was looking for Davis 12 yards downfield. The second INT was on the next possession first-and-10 from the Bills 39 when Beck threw 37 yards downfield but Stallworth tripped up inside the 10-yard line.

The Bills nine sacks of Beck
1. First-and-10 from Bills 16. Five-man rush vs. seven-man protection. Play action right, roll left, Beck was sacked in 5.12 seconds (should have thrown it away) when Barnett and Moats finally got to him. No real fault on offensive line. Total coverage sack.

2. (Two plays later). Third-and-16 from Bills 22. Seven-man rush vs. five-man protection. Out of a timeout, Beck down in 1.88 sacks after Byrd blitzes blind-side unblocked (Roy Helu went out on a route instead of picking Byrd up).

3. Third-and-7 from Redskins 18. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. LB Arthur Moats beat LT Sean Locklear to get a hand on Beck and, using a stunt, Marcel Dareus beat RT Jammal Brown to sack Beck in 3.03 seconds.

4. Second-and-3 from the Redskins 27. Four-man rush vs. six-man protection. DE Dwan Edwards beat LG Will Montgomery, LB Chris Kelsay beat a cut block by Jammal Brown and got to Beck in 2.78 seconds.

5. Second-and-17 from the Redskins 32. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. LB Chris Kelsay beat RT Jammal Brown to the outside and DE Dwan Edwards beat combo block of C Erik Cook and LG Will Montgomery to get to Beck in 2.50 seconds.

6. Second-and-10 from the 50. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. DE Spencer Johnson overpowered LT Sean Locklear with a straight-ahead move in 3.06 seconds.

7. Fourth-and-4 from the Bills 44. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Using a stunt, LB Arthur Moats got past LG Will Montgomery and then NT Marcel Dareus beats C Erik Cook to clean up on Beck in 2.68 seconds.

8. Second-and-4 from the Redskins 30. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. A coverage sack Beck was flushed out of the pocket and Dareus tracked him down in 6.19 seconds.

9. Third-and-7 from the Bills 14. Six-man rush vs. six-man protection. LB Kirk Morrison blitzes between the RGRT gap unblocked and sacked Beck in 2.22 seconds.

DEFENSE (66 snaps)
DL: Stephen Bowen 46, Barry Cofield 42, Adam Carriker 35, Kedric Golston 25, Chris Neild 9.

LB: London Fletcher 66, Ryan Kerrigan 66, Brian Orakpo 60, Rocky McIntosh 53, Keyaron Fox 13, Rob Jackson 6.

DB: DeAngelo Hall 66, Josh Wilson 66, LaRon Landry 63, O.J. Atogwe 62, Kevin Barnes 46.

Playing time analysis
DL: The long drives benefited Golston, who spelled at both ends spots on nine possessions. Bowen had series of 8-of-10, 6-of-8 and 7-of-7. ... In the second half, Neild saw early-down work and Cofield would return for a third-down play.

LB: Kerrigan remains the only player defense who hasnt missed a snap this year. Jackson subbed for Orakpo on the second-to-last possession in each half. Will be interested to see whats up with McIntosh. He missed nine plays in the first half, but returned; he missed the first 13 snaps of the second but returned.

DB: Atogwe and Landry were off the field at separate times when the Redskins went with three corners and one safety. Reed Doughty did not play a snap for the first time this year.

Overall analysis
At least things got off to a good start Kerrigan was unblocked on the first play and wrapped up Jackson for a 2-yard loss, followed by Hall reading and breaking up a receiver screen to C.J. Spiller and then Wilson defending the sticks by keeping Stevie Johnson short of the first down.

Things started going downhill on the second drive. David Nelson lined up on the left side and used a stop-and-go move to get by Fletcher for a 26-yard reception down the middle. Two plays later, the Bills executed six 1-on-1 blocks to spring Fred Jackson for a 13-yard gain. Buffalo led 7-0 when TE Scott Chandler was unaccounted for on a combo route Ryan Fitzpatrick had 2.41 seconds and threw 13 yards to Chandler, who scored on a 20-yard touchdown.

Wilsons pass interference call was a no-brainer anytime a defender raises hands and makes contact without looking back to the football, it will be called. The penalty measured 34 yards and led to a Buffalo field goal. The Bills settled for a field goal because on third-and-9 from the 23, Fox snuffed out a screen to Jackson.

This is how the defenses day went: Their biggest hit on Fitzpatrick was during a 46-yard pass to Jackson. Showing an unique look, Orakpo rushed from up the middle with Fletcher. No. 59 was unblocked and drilled Fitzpatrick in 2.10 seconds but not before he threw 8 yards to Jackson. McIntosh missed the tackle and Jackson gained 46 yards to set up a field goal as the first half expired.

Any thought the Redskins were ready for the second half was eliminated on the first play when Jackson ran completely free for 43 yards. The drive was completed by Chandlers 15-yard TD catch when it appeared Landry blew an assignment, forcing Fletcher to unsuccessfully chase Chandler. Early in the fourth quarter, Atogwe looked equal parts a) not healthy and b) old when he took a bad angle and was late in pursuit to Jacksons 22-yard dump-off reception.

The Redskins two sacks of Ryan Fitzpatrick
1. Second-and-9 from Bills 45. Four-man rush vs. five-man protection. LB Brian Orakpo beat LT Andy Levitre, forcing Fitzpatrick to step up. DE Kedric Golston got away from LG Chad Rinehart to sack Fitzpatrick in 2.25 seconds.

2. Second-and-5 from the Redskins 45. Seven-man rush vs. seven-man protection. DE Stephen Bowen beat his blocker in 2.03 seconds.

PC: Rocca, Sundberg, Riley, Alexander, Paulsen, Fox, Westbrook, Gomes, Doughty, Young and Paul.

PR: Banks, Wilson, Landry, Westbrook, Paul, Paulsen, Young, Fox, Riley, Jackson and Doughty.

KC: Gano, Doughty, Riley, Jackson, Paul, Young, Gomes, Alexander, Austin, Armstrong and Westbrook.

KR: Banks, Paul, McIntosh, Riley, Young, Gomes, Paulsen, Neild, Golston, Alexander and Doughty.

Ganos kickoff (hang time, distance, result, Bills starting point)
4.25 EZ TB Bills 20

Roccas punts (hang time, distance, result, Bills starting point)
4.65 56 2 Bills 19
4.53 37 FC Bills 20
4.72 32 FC Bills 13
4.53 57 13 Bills 45
4.52 52 OB Bills 20
4.87 50 7 Bills 30

Analysis: The only remotely interesting special teams play was a play that didnt happen Banks received a kickoff and was clearly looking to throw to his right to Paul. But he opted to return. Rocca continues to confirm his status as the best Redskins punter in years.

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