Redskins Review: Week 14 Special Teams

Redskins Review: Week 14 Special Teams
December 13, 2011, 8:08 pm
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Analyzing the Redskins performance on special teams during Sundays 34-27 loss to New England:

SPECIAL TEAMSGanos six kickoffs
(hang time, distance, return, NE starting point)
2.96 62 OB NE 40
4.01 68 18 NE 15
3.94 63 21 NE 23
4.13 EZ TB NE 20
4.09 EZ TB NE 20
3.81 EZ TB NE 20

Roccas three punts
(hang time, distance, return, NE starting point)
4.18 41 2 NE 36
4.19 26 FC NE 18
4.25 45 16 W 49
Average: 31.3 net (one inside the 20)

Punt coverage: Rocca, Sundberg, Gomes, young, Doughty, Paul, Alexander, Sellers, McIntosh, Riley and Westbrook.
Punt return: Banks, Westbrook, Paul, Royster, Doughty, Sellers, Alexander, Jackson, Armstrong, Young and Fox.

Kickoff coverage: Gano, Stallworth, Armstrong, Alexander, Fox, Jackson, Sellers, Riley, Doughty, Gomes and Westbrook.

Kickoff return: Banks, Paul, Jackson, SellersNeild, Alexander, Paulsen, Riley, McIntosh, Westbrook, Gomes and Young.

Overall analysis:
Ganos kick out of bounds was his second in three weeks and a classic case of over-thinking the situation. Look at his last three kickoffs deep enough that they werent returned. Rocca had his second-lowest net average of the season in part because of where he was punting from and the lack of attempts.

The Redskins had 12 men on the field for Banks first punt return. It looked like Gomes was the Guy Who Shouldnt Have Been Out There. Darrel Young missed his block on the first kickoff return but the big hit was Lorenzo Alexander flattening Matthew Slater. Perry Riley limited Edelman to a 2-yard punt return when he was inexplicably left free by Nate Jones, who chose to block a player further away from the returner.

Sellers was done for the game when he hyper-extended his right elbow covering a kickoff, the victim of friendly fire Rileys helmet hit him and helmet beats elbow every time. Chris Neild took Sellers spot.

Reed Doughty committed his first special teams penalty of the year (first overall, as well) on a tricky holding call. He thought the player he was blocking slipped more than he was held.

The Redskins special teams entering the final three games: Seven in punt coverage, first in kickoff coverage, 15th on punt returns, 27th on kickoff returns and eighth in net punting.

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