Redskins Review: Week 14 Offense

Redskins Review: Week 14 Offense
December 13, 2011, 6:48 pm
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Playing time totals and observations for the Redskins offense from their 34-27 loss to New England on Sunday:
OFFENSE (74 snaps)RB: Roy Helu 61, Darrel Young 44, Evan Royster 13.

TE: Logan Paulsen 43, Dominique Byrd 2, Mike Sellers 2.

WR: Jabar Gaffney 61, Santana Moss 60, Donte Stallworth 37, Niles Paul 18, Anthony Armstrong 14, David Anderson 11, Brandon Banks 2.

OL: Will Montgomery, Tyler Polumbus, Chris Chester and Maurice Hurt all 74. Willie Smith 61, Sean Locklear 13.

Playing time analysis:
RB: Helu made his third straight start and had his third straight game over 60 snaps. Hes led the Redskins backs in snaps eight straight games. Young played a season-high total by a whopping 21 snaps in his return from a concussion, benefitting from so many three-receivertwo-back personnel groupings. Royster hit double-digit snaps for the first time.

TE: Paulsen had his season-high by 11 snaps. Sellers played two snaps of goal-line before leaving with an elbow injury. Byrds playing time was his first with the Redskins.

WR: Gaffney led the receivers for the seventh straight game, playing at least 43 snaps in each contest. Moss saw his largest work load since Week 2 (73). Anderson has played at least 11 snaps in his four games with the Redskins. Banks saw his first two snaps of offensive playing time this year.

Overall analysis:
Anybody else think the Redskins were headed for a long day after the first two possessions? You should have. First drive: Helu whiffs on Patriots LB Dane Fletcher, who hits Grossman in 1.63 seconds; LB Rob Ninkovich sheds Paulsen to limit Helu to 4 yards and then CB Devin McCourty almost has an interception. Second drive: Moss drops a pass on a quick slant, Smith is overpowered in the run game (1-yard gain) and is then beaten by DE Andre Carter for the sack, strip, touchdown.

The Redskins got going on their third drive, but not after DE Mark Anderson beat Young (no gain) and Hurt was called for holding Fletcher. On third-and-18 from the 8, McCourty interfered Gaffney for an 11-yard penalty and bail out first down. On the next play, Gaffney beat Kyle Arrington for a 24-yard gain. Moss had an 18-yard reception against zone coverage when LB Jerod Mayo ended up in a trail position, which is a horrible match-up for the Patriots. Helus longest run was 26 yards, getting around the left corner thanks to blocks by Young, Paulsen and Armstrong on the perimeter. The Redskins first touchdown Gaffney motioned to the right slot and ran a skinny post before fading to the outside and beating McCourty.

The well-executed trick play. Grossman in the shotgun with Helu to his left. Banks at the right slot. Helu took the hand-off, tossed it to Banks who was running right to left. Grossman got in Carters way enough to give Banks time to toss pass that traveled 40 yards in the air. Moss caught it at the 16, broke S James Ihedigos tackle and when Ihedigo fell, he wiped out teammate Matthew Slater.

On their next drive, the Redskins took a short-lived 20-17 lead on a drive that started with Stallworth beating McCourty for 23 yards on yet another inside route. Four plays later, Helu gained 14 yards thanks to blocks by Gaffney (on Ihedigbo) and Smith (on Kyle Love). The drive stalled inside the 15-yard line. Helu gained a yard on first-and-10 from the 11 when Young, Chester and Hurt were all beat. A rare shovel pass lost 2 yards when Montgomery couldnt get out to block LB Tracy White. A check-down resulted in a field goal.

Grossman absorbed a hit from Carter (who beat Young) to start the Redskins initial third-quarter drive, but not before throwing 22 yards to Gaffney. The drive stayed alive on third-and-3 when Moss had a 14-yard catch (10 YAC). Royster lost his balance on a screen pass and it would have been a 4-yard loss had Wilfork not jumped on him (15-yard penalty). The Redskins took advantage when Helu ran 12 yards on the next play with blocks from Paulsen, Young and Armstrong. The Redskins tied it at 27 when Anderson used traffic to get open against Ihedigbo and catch a 6-yard touchdown pass from Grossman.

The Redskins streak of five straight drives with points ended late in the third quarter with a punt (after a nine-play possession) and a three-and-out. Hurts second penalty started the second of those drives and he then got beat on a Carter stunt to allow a quarterback hit.

The final drive started with 6:30 remaining and a dud 1-yard run (Deaderick beat Hurt) and an incompletion (part low throw, part drop by Helu). On third-and-8, Grossman delivered a 13-yard bullet to Stallworth and Royster followed with a 14-yard run up the gut. Three plays later, Grossman had good protection and Gaffney adjusted his route against a soft and terrible zone defense for a 23-yard gain. Helu gained 9 yards on the next play when Young crunched Fletcher and Montgomery rubbed out Wilfork. Moss 10-yard penalty was a legitimate call he delivered quite the chuck to Julian Edelman. Two plays later, Grossman had time against a two-man rush but his throw went off Moss hands and into Mayos with 20 seconds remaining. Had he caught the pass, Moss would have been down around the 5 to set up a fourth-and-ballgame play.

The Patriots two sacks of Grossman:
1. Third-and-9 from the Redskins 5 (first quarter). Four-man rush vs. seven-man protection. Despite the extra help, Smith in his third NFL regular season snap is one-on-one against Andre Carter, who takes advantage of Smith leaning the wrong way and beats him to the outside in 3.09 seconds. Grossmans fumble was recovered by NT Vince Wilfork in the end zone.

2. Second-and-6 from the Patriots 19 (second quarter). Three-man rush vs. five-man protection. The Patriots really rushed just two when Wilfork didnt leave the line of scrimmage, but they got the coverage sack anyway. Grossman couldnt find anybody and was in trouble in 4.19 seconds when Brandon Deaderick eventually shed Willie Smith and Maurice Hurt.

The defense and special teams are later today.

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