Redskins playing time vs. Dallas

Redskins playing time vs. Dallas
December 21, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010, 3:48 p.m.

By Ryan OHalloran
Staff writer

Observations and unofficial playing time totals from the Redskins loss at Dallas on Sunday:

OFFENSE (65 snaps, not including two 2-point conversions)
RB: Ryan Torain 40, Keiland Williams 25, Mike Sellers 18.

TE: Chris Cooley 65, Fred Davis 10.

WR: Santana Moss 65, Anthony Armstrong 59, Roydell Williams 36, Terrence Austin 7, Brandon Banks 2.

Analysis: Moss played every snap for the first time in a game this year. Cooley played every snap for the second straight game and the seventh time this year. Austin had a season-high total after playing only nine combined snaps entering the game. Banks has played at least one snap in five straight games. A season-low total for F. Davis and a season-high for R. Williams. K. Williams played 19 of the final 35 snaps when the Redskins went into passing mode. The offense started its third series from the 2-yard line but got some breathing room when Kyle Shanahan dialed up play action on a one-man routenine-man protection. Grossman had 3.41 seconds to find Moss for 20 yards. Trent Williams handled DeMarcus Ware 1-on-1 during the play. Rabach handled NT Jay Ratliff to open up 9 yards for Torain. Grossmans interception was equal parts bad luckbad decision. He was trying to throw it away but did so off his back foot. Ware beat Jammal Brown to pressure Grossman and LB Keith Brooking came free when he left Sellers in coverage. The Redskins have 19 giveaways on first and second downs this year, including 13 on first down. Dallas first sack was on a second-and-7 play when S Gerald Sensabaugh blitzed around the right side unblocked when Torain stayed in the middle to account for a linebacker. Another Grossman back-foot throw resulted in a 27-yard gain to Sellers when Stephen Bowen bull-rushed and knocked back LG Kory Lichtensteiger. One call the officials got right was Terence Newmans cheap shot on a defenseless Moss (spear to shoulder). That turned a second-and-15 from the 30-yard line into a first-and-10 from the 15. The Redskins scored two plays later. Dallas second sack first-and-10 from the 15, four-man rush vs. five-man protection. Ware beat T. Williams to the outside but Grossman had 3.50 seconds before he was in trouble. The Redskins first touchdown was a case of the right call against the right defense. Dallas blitzed five (including Brooking), leaving the middle of the field open. Grossman threw a screen to Torain, who got blocks from Rabach and RG Will Montgomery and then cut back into a wide open middle of the field for the touchdown. Dallas third sack third-and-8 from the Redskins 22, three-man rush vs. five-man protection. T. Williams initially pushed Ware outside but Ware quickly spun back and got to Grossman when the quarterback collided with Lichtensteiger. Grossman also lost the fumble. Moss first touchdown (from 10 yards) came on a quick slant when the Dallas cornerback blitzed from the left slot and Grossman, noticing the 7-yard cushion given to Moss by the safety, quickly completed the pass. On the 14-play scoring drive to make it 30-22 Dallas, Grossmans passes traveled 17, 10, 10, 14, 2, 6, 4 and 5 yards and four didnt cross the line of scrimmage. Grossmans biggest miss (although the Redskins eventually scored a touchdown) came on a first-and-goal when, with an eight-man protection, he overthrew Moss, who was wide open in the end zone after Dallas busted a coverage. Moss big fourth-quarter drop came 26 yards downfield but S Alan Ball had the angle had Moss made the catch. Dallas last two blitzes came on back-to-back plays. First, CB Orlando Scandrick blitzed unblocked after Torain picked up a linebacker. Then, LB Victor Butler blitzed up the middle basically unaccounted for.

DEFENSE (74 snaps)DL: Anthony Bryant 40, Jeremy Jarmon 15, Vonnie Holliday 52, Phillip Daniels 6, Adam Carriker 55, Maake Kemoeatu 11, Andre Carter 53.

LB: London Fletcher 74, Rocky McIntosh 60, Lorenzo Alexander 56, Brian Orakpo 35, Chris Wilson 19, H.B. Blades 9, Perry Riley 3.

DB: Kareem Moore 73, DeAngelo Hall 73, Carlos Rogers 72, Reed Doughty 16, Phillip Buchanon 25, Kevin Barnes 58.

Analysis: Every defensive player in uniform saw time thanks to injuries that forced Daniels (second series), Doughty (third series), Orakpo (sixth series) and McIntosh (eighth series) to exit and not return. Season-high playing time for Carriker, Jarmon, Bryant, Holliday, Riley and Barnes. Kemoeatu has lost his starting job, playing his fewest snaps since the Indianapolis game. Carter played his most since the Colts game. Bryant and Daniels got their first starts of the year. Moore and Hall left the field for a snap apiece and Rogers for two plays when the Redskins went into goal-line. Alexander missed a tackle on Dallas first play and when Doughty cleaned up, he was belted in the chin by Orakpo. Doughty stayed in the game before later leaving with a concussion. His second-to-last play may have the coaching staffs signal Doughty lost his balance and struggled to regain it during Jason Wittens 22-yard catch and run. Rogers was active as a blitzer, sniffing out a run play from the left slot for no gain and to force a third-and-long on the first drive. On the next play, Rogers again blitzed along with Doughty during a well-designed play. Dallas extra protection was on the other side of the formation, forcing LT Doug Free to choose between Rogers (inside) and Doughty (outside). He correctly chose Rogers, freeing up Doughty for the sack. Witten couldnt be covered (10 catches, 140 yards) and he carried Moore 4 yards after a first-quarter catch. It took Rogers, Fletcher, Doughty and Moore to bring him down after a 26-yard gain. Fletcher made one of the Redskins best defensive plays this year to stop Felix Jones on a fourth-and-goal play from the 1-yard line. Fletcher started 5 yards deep in the end zone and went air 2 yards later. He collided with Jones roughly 0.48 seconds after he got the handoff. QB Jon Kitna created a Dallas penalty when he scrambled back into his pursuit and Free blocked Brian Orakpo in the back. Barnes made a quick impact when he reacted before WR Sam Hurd could block him and de-cleated RB Tashard Choice. Bryant drew a holding penalty on C Andre Gurode. The Cowboys lone play in the Wildcat formation was well done. Choice took the direct snap, flipped to Jones, who flipped to Kitna, who then threw 32 yards back to Jones. To make matters worse, Orakpo was hurt on the play when he went from pass rusher to coverage. Hall has made a career out of jumping routes to produce interceptions but there are right and wrong times to do so. The wrong time was on a third-and-9 play from the Redskins 14. He tried to cut in front of Witten but didnt make the catch and Witten scored a touchdown. Had he allowed Witten to make the reception (which was at the 8) and then made the tackle, Dallas would have had to kick a field goal. The go figure defensive sequence of the game. Late in the first half, the Redskins rushed three against a five-man protection and forced a Kitna scramble and two incompletions. Early in the third quarter, Dallas went Old School Al Saunders with five players shifting at the same time before the snap. The Cowboys ended up running 25 plays in the red zone. They went 3-for-7 inside the 20-yard line. Holliday got the Redskins first sack on a first-and-10 when he bull-rushed LG Kyle Kosier. This is probably not how Jim Haslett drew it up before the year on a third-and-10 play in the fourth quarter, Barnes, Buchanon, Jarmon, Riley and Wilson were on the field.
SPECIAL TEAMSKickoff coverage: Gano, Barnes, Armstrong, Sellers, Wilson, Westbrook, Alexander, Blades, Riley, DoughtyYoung, R. Williams.
Kickoff return: Banks, Westbrook, Wilson, Sellers, Alexander, Davis, Moore, McIntosh, DoughtyBarnes, Blades, Young.

Punt coverage: Paulescu, Sundberg, Doughty, Blades, Westbrook, Sellers, Young, Armstrong, Alexander, Moore, Wilson.

Punt return: Banks, Buchanon, Barnes, F. Davis, Blades, R. Williams, Young, Wilson, Riley, Paulsen, Sellers.

Analysis: Ganos kickoff statistics 4.16 seconds62 yards38-yard return, 4.096714, 4.286816 and 4.0378touchback. Paulescus punting totals 3.844029, 3.373923, 3.53310 and 4.6644fair catch.
Dallas lost starting LB Sean Lee (concussion) on kickoff coverage when he was blocked by Alexander and Sellers. In addition to taking his place at strong safety, Barnes assumed Doughtys duties on special teams. Darrel Young replaced Doughty on kickoff coverage. Riley drew a penalty on kickoff coverage but it didnt matter Dallas proceeded to drive 91 yards (101 yards because of a penalty) and score a touchdown.

Bad Calls (plenty of them): 1. Paulescu got away with a tripping penalty on his first punt but it prevented a Dallas touchdown. 2. On a third-and-13, Choice was given the first down even though he was clearly a yard short of the marker. 3. Carters roughing the passer penalty was the worst missed calls anybody will see. He made contact with RB Felix Jones (not Kitna). It turned a fourth-and-4 into a first-and-10, and an eventual Dallas touchdown. 4. Dallas Anthony Spencer was flagged for making contact to Grossmans face-mask. That will always be called, but the play should have been done over because Lichtensteiger got away with holding Bowen.

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