Redskins D gets little help

Redskins D gets little help
November 11, 2011, 8:33 pm
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I usually like to verify statements before I make them but I was guilty of not doing so this morning. When I was writing my part of the weekly Point-Counterpoint article this morning, I was rushed by a deadline and I didnt check something that I wrote.What I said was the Redskins defense might perform better than it has if the offense was performing somewhere near NFL standards. The fact that they rarely play with a lead of any size, much less a large lead, means that they face a lot of running plays and dont have many chances to go after the quarterback in desperation catch-up situations. It made sense and after doing some research it makes even more sense.Lets look at some of the top defenses in the league and see what kind of support they get.The Redskins are one of seven teams that have allowed fewer than 20 points per game. Of those seven teams, the Redskins are by far the lowest scoring. They are averaging 15.9 points scored per game. The Steelers, the second-lowest scoring team in the group, outscore the Redskins by an average about two field goals per game.Defenses allowing less than 20 PPGTeam Allowed Scored49ers 14.8 25.8
Ravens 16.2 26.0
Texans 17.4 26.2
Bengals 17.5 24.4
Steelers 18.0 21.8
Lions 18.4 29.9
Redskins 19.8 15.9This information is interesting. Seeing how many sacks the Redskins have compiled despite their anemic offense borders on amazing.Teams with more than 20 sacksTeam Sacks Pointsgame scoredGiants 28 24.8
Ravens 26 26.0
Redskins 25 15.9
Lions 24 29.9
Texans 24 26.2
Vikings 24 21.5
Raiders 23 23.1
Steelers 23 21.8
Cowboys 22 22.4
Eagles 22 25.4
49ers 22 25.8
(Note: The Texans, Vikings, Raiders, and Steelers have played 9 games, the others have played 8)Again, you can see that the other top sacking teams score an average of at least three touchdowns per game. When your team scores point, the other team has to respond and in the NFL that often means passing. Of the teams on the list above, the Redskins have faced the fewest pass attempts, 247.This doesnt mean that the Redskins defense would make anyone forget the 85 Bears if only the Redskins offense could push across another touchdown every game. But it is fair to say that the Redskins D has been posting solid numbers despite not getting much help from the offense and it will be interesting to see how well they can do when they are working with a lead.