Redskins - Cowboys: Staff predictions

Redskins - Cowboys: Staff predictions
November 20, 2011, 10:23 am
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The Redskins start their second go-around with the NFC East looking for their second division win. This is not always a you can throw out the records game but upsets do take place. Is this the time for the Redskins to right their 2011 ship?Ryan O'Halloran (6-3)It shouldn't be close, now way it should be close ... but it will be close. Vegas has struck out the last few years in the Cowboys-Redskins match-up. Dallas is 1-9 against the spread as the favorite and that will continue Sunday. Sure, the Redskins' offensive line is banged up and the offense in general is broke, but this is an NFC East game so expect a close game.Cowboys 17, Redskins 13Jennifer X. Williams (5-4)The Redskins are 3-6 as they host their arch nemesis or the team known as the Dallas Cowboys, who beat them 18-16 in week 3.If there's one team that can get the Skins fired up, it's the 'Boys who handed them their first loss this season (the first of many as we would all find out). Although, it was a close, but sloppy game in Jerry's World on that Monday night, Washington now faces a team that seems to have cleaned up their act.The Cowboys are 1-3 in road games, but a lot of things would have to simultaneously come together for the Redskins to get another win at FedExField since Week 2. Rex Grossman will get his second consecutive start and in week 3 completed 22-of-37 passes for 250 yards, one touchdown and one interception. A solid performance, but you can't ignore the 11 interceptions and two lost fumbles this season. Rex must protect the ball because a few more turnovers would put him in the running for worst QB in the league. As for Tony Romo, the Redskins D only sacked Romo once in week 3. Brian Orakpo has acknowledged that defense must be flawless in order to support a struggling offense, so Kerakpo needs to come up with at least 2 sacks. Creating more turnovers could balance out the shortcomings of their fearless leader too. Just saying.Remember the 3rd-and-21 play that burned the Skins? (Rather DeAngelo Hall?) Well, the Cowboys have another offensive threat in rookie RB DeMarco Murray, who has averaged 6.7 yards per carry and picked up two touchdowns. Meanwhile, the Skins are allowing 120.4 yards per game, which puts them at 18th in the league against the run. As for the Redskins passing game? Well, they should stick to containing Murray.Don't forget about Dez Bryant who has 32 catches for 516 yards, he's averaging 16.2 yards per catch, and with five touchdown catches he leads the teams offense. Those are some pretty solid stats. (Note to self, make a fantasy trade for Bryant.) Solid, however, would not be the best way to describe DeAngelo Hall's coverage of Brandon Marshall last week. D Hall should put his ego aside and simply just try to cover Dez, nothing fancy, play your game.The Skins will play well as they face their mortal enemies, but they need to be perfect as the lines painted on the field of FedEx. Don't expect this puzzle to come together. Cowboys 17, Redskins 10 Rich Tandler (6-3)I am not among those who think that the Redskins wont win another game this year. They are not very good offensively right now but they are not as bad as they have been playing. One of these games the running game is going to click, the defense will get multiple takeaways, and the Redskins will win a game that nobody expects them to win.However, until I see that performance Im not going to predict that its going to happen. The key matchup here is the Cowboys strong defensive front seven against a Redskins offensive line that is likely to have one or two spare parts along the offensive line. This is not the week for the Redskins to snap their losing streak.Cowboys 27, Redskins 10