Redskins Blowout May Not Be Knockout

Redskins Blowout May Not Be Knockout
November 18, 2010, 10:10 pm
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Thursday November 18, 2010 5:15 PM

By Rich Tandler
Redskins Blogger

The Washington Redskins were embarrassed by losing to the Philadelphia Eagles. We know that because just about every player or coach asked about the game used that word or some form of it, such as humiliated, to describe the feeling of having been whipped 59-28 on national TV in a division game. Whats done is done and the important thing is how well they rebound from the sound defeat. A look at the past reveals a mixed bag when coming back from giving up a lot of points andor being defeated by a wide margin. The following samples are from the Redskins and the NFL from 1993 through last weekend. I chose 1993 because that is when the Redskins fell from being a perennial contender into being an also-ran in their best seasons. Letting the points soar In those 17 and a half seasons, the Redskins gave up 41 points or more 10 times counting Monday night. Some of these games were close, like the 41-35 overtime loss to Dallas to start out the 1999 season. Others, like the 52-7 loss to New England in 2007, were certified blowouts. The Redskins won after both of those games. In 1999 they went up to the old stadium in the Meadowlands and thumped the Giants 50-21. Following the debacle in Foxboro they also went to New Jersey, this time to play the Jets, and escaped with a 23-20 overtime win. In all, the Redskins have gone 4-5 the game after giving up 41 points or more with the result following the most recent one obviously pending. These instances of the Redskins letting the points soar for the other team have come in eight different seasons (three of them were in 1998) They made the playoffs in two of seasons in which those games took place. Big losses They are a little worse than that when you look at what has happened after they suffered from a sizeable margin of defeat. The Redskins have lost by 31 points, their margin of defeat on Monday, or more 10 times since 1993. In the games following those routs Washington has gone 3-6. The 10 drubbings came in seven different seasons (there two in each of the 1993, 1998, and 2001 seasons). The Redskins made the playoffs in two of those seasons. Blowouts dont ruin seasons Whats the picture in the NFL as a whole? Teams tend to be fairly resilient after giving up a lot of points. Since 1993, NFL teams have given up 55 or more points 15 times. Two of those games were in the playoffs so the 1999 Jaguars, who lost to the Dolphins 62-7, and the 1995 Lions, 57-37 losers to the Eagles in the first round, were unable to try to do better the next week. Again, the result following the Redskins giving up 59 points on Monday is pending. Of the other 12 teams giving up 55 or more, 7 of them won their next game while 5 lost. You dont have to go back any further than last year to find an example of a team able to recover nicely from a blowout. Last year the Patriots laid a 59-0 beatdown on the Titans, dropping Tennessee to 0-6. Not only did the Titans win their next game after a bye week, they won five in a row. The Titans finished 8-8 and did not make the playoffs. However, counting the Jacksonville and Detroit teams mentioned above, six teams since 1993 have made the playoffs while giving up 55 points or more in a game at some point during the season. Certainly, there is nothing good about giving up a lot of points and getting stomped. But such an occurrence does not necessarily ruin an entire season. You can reach Rich by email and follow him on Twitter@RealRedskins. Join Rich Tandler for an in-game chat during the Redskins-Titans game on Sunday.Things will get underway shortly before kickoff and continue all game long.