Point-Counterpoint: Should Rex come back?

Point-Counterpoint: Should Rex come back?
December 16, 2011, 11:38 am
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By Rich Tandler and Ryan O'Halloran
Redskins Insiders
With the Redskins offense starting to get on something of a roll over the past month, some are starting to talk about letting Rex Grossman steer the ship again in 2012. What role, if any, should much-maligned Grossman play for the Redskins next year? Should he be the bridge to the next quarterback, presumably one taken high in the draft? Should the Redskins forego drafting a quarterback and take care of other needs? Or should they just let Rex walk away as a free agent and start all over again at the position? Rich Tandler and Ryan OHalloran debate the topic in this weeks edition of Point-Counterpoint. Ryan OHalloran: Grossman, despite his statistical warts, is a decent by-default option to start the 2012 season and remain in that spot until the young quarterback is ready to play. He wont cost a lot of money and its not like there will be a huge market for him in free agency. Overall, though, the Redskins best option is to re-sign Grossman to be the back up and when they hand the card in during the first round of the draft, That Guy is The Starter from that moment on. Rich Tandler: I assume that the statistical warts are the Rexs turnovers, which he continues to make at a prodigious pace. With two against the Patriots, he has 27 in 16 games as the Redskins starter. That simply is not acceptable. And at age 31 and apparently oblivious to factors like linebackers dropping into coverage and defensive ends coming in on his blind side after sitting in the pocket for several second, its not like he is going to get better. Knowing the offense doesnt do any good if you cant hold on to the ball. Its time to move on from Rex and get a bridge quarterback who can hold on to the football. OHalloran: The Redskins certainly need to have a quarterback who can start the season opener and then not raise heck when the Shanahans feel The Kid is ready to play. Heres the rub theres likely going to be a time when The Kid will have one of those bad days and need to be benched for his good. Enter the bridge quarterback. Do you pluck Brian Hoyer from New England? Kyle Orton from Kansas City? Sage Rosenfels from Minnesota? The Redskins would have to convince a player that hell get a fair shot as the starter, too. Tandler: The Panthers and Bengals didnt need a season opening starter, they got rookies Cam Newton and Andy Dalton ready with just training camp to work with. And the Vikings didnt need to waste time with Donovan McNabb, they could have gone straight to Christian Ponder. Should the Redskins get a quarterback in the top fiveand if their record doesnt land them a pick there I see next years first-rounder going to moving them into that positionthey get him a playbook the day after the draft, get him a cot at Redskins Park, and have him ready to take the first snap on Sept. 9, 2012. If they want a Plan B, they should find someone, anyone, who knows how to protect the football. The Redskins solid defense and running game can win them some games as long as the quarterback doesnt lose them. You can reach Ryan OHalloran by email at rohalloran@comcastsportsnet.com and you can email Rich Tandler atRTandlerCSN@comcast.net . Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanohalloran and follow Rich @Rich_Tandler.