Orton a Redskin?

Orton a Redskin?
November 22, 2011, 9:09 pm
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The Denver Broncos have gone all in on quarterback Tim Tebow for the rest of the season, waiving veteran Kyle Orton.

Orton began the season as the Broncos starter before losing the job to Tebow.

Could Orton be claimed by the Redskins? They might have the opportunity.

The waiver process goes in order of the team with the worst records.

1. Indianapolis (0-10). The Colts are in disarray and need a quarterback to finish out the year

2. Carolina (2-8). The Panthers have a quarterback with Cam Newton.

3. St. Louis (2-8). Ditto the Rams with Sam Bradford.

4. Minnesota (2-8). Ditto the Vikings with Christian Ponder.

5. Arizona (3-7). The Cardinals have an injured Kevin Kolb under a long-term deal and John Skelton has been his fill-in.

6. Washington or Jacksonville (both 3-7). The Jaguars are committed to Blaine Gabbert. The Dolphins are also 3-7 but they would pick behind the Redskins because of head-to-head meeting.

It would certainly spice up the last six games if the Redskins have a chance to claim Orton.