Offense has 13 first-quarter points

Offense has 13 first-quarter points
November 4, 2011, 7:56 pm
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A consistent aspect of the Redskins offense is scripting the games first 16 plays, which of course is subject to change depending on the situation.

But on a three-game losing streak entering Sundays contest against San Francisco, it may be time to call The Re-Write Dept.

The Redskins have only 13 first-quarter points.

They havent scored a touchdown on their opening drive.

They have 13 points among the 112 plays that resulted in the script.

They have only six plays that gained 20-plus yards from the script.

San Francisco may present an opening on Sunday. The 49ers have only 17 first-quarter points.

A key for the Redskins is avoiding the kind of deficits theyve faced the last three games 20-0 to Philadelphia (second quarter), 16-6 to Carolina (early third quarter) and 13-0 to Buffalo (halftime).

Its always tough if you dont get off to a fast start and you become one-dimensional, receiver Donte Stallworth said. Its going to be tougher on the offensive line, tougher on the quarterback, tougher on pretty much everybody involved. We have to start fast and if were able to do that, it will help out a lot of the woes.

Scoring on the first drive would help.

In their seven games, the Redskins have started punt, interception, field goal, punt, interception, fumble and punt.

Digging deeper and analyzing the 16-play script

Among the 112 plays, six plays of 20 or more yards.

Thirteen points.

Two leads.

Five turnovers.

Referring to the Buffalo game, Kyle Shanahan said: We missed a couple of things and you cant do that. You end up punting and you really cant credit that to anything in particular. What it comes down to is getting the job done and we didnt get the job done.

How To Build
A key for the 49ers success is their running game and certainly Frank Gore deserves credit. But San Franciscos front office, even when games werent being won, centered their effort on drafting offensive linemen.

Among the nine on the roster, five were drafted in the top three rounds since 2008, including first-rounders Joe Staley, Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati.

During that same three-year period, the Redskins have drafted two in rounds 1-3 Chad Rinehart (round 3, 2008) and Trent Williams (round 1, 2010).

Quick Kicks
Current San Francisco general manager Trent Baalke spent four years with the Redskins (2001-03) as a member of the scouting staff.

The 49ers recent East Coast records: 1-0 (2006), 0-5 (2007), 1-2 (2008), 0-2 (2009), 0-2 (2010) and 3-0 (2011).

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