MissChatter: Werth's Beard Went Far

MissChatter: Werth's Beard Went Far
December 15, 2010, 11:23 pm
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 6:20 pm

By Miss Chatter

Jayson Werth, formally introduced to local media and fans during a press conference this afternoon at Nationals Park, believes the Nationals are going far and will surprise everyone with their upcoming success. His facial hair has already surprised a cult-like group of fans online who have been all "atwitter" since word spread that his beard had already gone far. Far off his face, actually, leaving only a patch of hair underneath his mouth where a full mane had resided before during his postseason days (photo after jump).

No one has been more distraught than the beard itself, playing out an entertaining first person drama on Twitter using the nickname of, of course @JWerthsBeard. Although, he says Werth has done this to "him" before, he almost always eventually grows it back. As someone who has been following Werth for a while, he also claims Werth is coy about discussing his beard. CSN's Chris Miller managed to ask Werth, who stuck to all baseball and conditioning talk during the formal portion of the press conference, whether or not he was going to grow it back.

Werth turned the question on Miller, claiming he thought he looked good without the beard and asking if Miller agreed. I don't think he answered. For other opinions on that, we can turn to Twitter where reviews are mixed, but it appears some are in agreement that he looks better without it.

Werth wouldn't commit to a straight yes or no, saying he hadn't decided what he was going to do.

The beard, however, lives on in virtual infamy and has taken up residence among the Nats faithful who use the social media tool, interacting with them frequently. I've been highly entertained by the person behind the bearded account and can't wait to see the joy if and when the beard does reappear on Werth's face. It must be hard to live in such a current suppressed state of being.

New Franchise Player:

Other than that, Werth didn't offer up much in the "get to know me personally" category. He wouldn't even spill his plans for the clubhouse, where as a player with postseason experience and a long-term residency he's bound to be tapped a leader, saying only, "The things that are important to me in the clubhouse are things that I'll keep to myself and I'll share with my teammates."

The revelation that his contract includes a no-trade clause came as a surprise to many. He took the contract with the Nationals because he wanted stability for his family (and the hair on his chinny chin chin?). When players are only on a team for a year or two, moving around can be disruptive for those with families. "One thing people don't realize is from season to season if you have a family and kids, it's really tough to have normalcy and that was one thing I was able to obtain here as the length of the contract was very important. And you know, a million things go into it honestly..."

A million George Washingtons and then some. Who was clean shaven. Maybe that inspired Werth to follow suit and lose the shag? Bummer. Actually, I agree he looks better without it.

Now about those cuff links... photo gallery