MissChatter: Miss Iowa Makes Good On Challenge

MissChatter: Miss Iowa Makes Good On Challenge
July 31, 2010, 3:04 am
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Friday, July 30, 2010 10:52 pm

By Miss Chatter

Peace is found between Miss Iowa and MIguel Batista after meeting face to face

I believe the Miguel Batista versus Miss Iowa tale may have come to its climactic ending this evening, but boy was the ride fun! Miss Iowa USA, Katherine Connors, flew to DC today to show Batista that while she may not be Miss Universe, she can throw a pitch gosh darnit! But could he walk a runway in a swimsuit and heels? Sadly, I don't think we'll ever find out the answer to that one. Connors upheld her end of the challenge thrown after Miguel's comments following his emergency start in place of Stephen Strasburg (the Miss Universe comparison). While Batista swears he meant the comment as a compliment and it was misunderstood, the two have kept up a great sense of humor and the whole debacle came to its conclusion with Miss Connors toeing the grass at the lip of the pitcher's mound.

Those shoes were not made for pitching!

Remembering Batista's comment, "If she's practicing in a swimsuit or high heels, not a chance!" my first order of business after noting her custom red Curly W jersey with "MISS IOWA 10" on the back was to check out her footwear. I was horrified to see the heeled sandals pictured above. "Are you going to throw the pitch wearing those?" I inquired. She assured me she was not and would change her shoes. Whew! Brains and beauty! Although, while the thong sandals she replaced the heels with were at least flat, they still would not have been among my top ten choices were I throwing that pitch. Then again, I'm not a beauty queen. Maybe they are born with super powers!

My next order of business was to find out if she was a righty or southpaw so I knew which side of the plate to stand on to photograph. Her call-up to the big leagues was so swift, media were not given stat sheets on her, so I had to go straight to the source. As it turns out, she's a right-handed pitcher (RHP for short).

The set.. the windup... and the pitch!

Juuuuust a little inside (to a right-handed batter), but hey! She made it to the plate without any embarrassing errant throws. Batista popped up from his crouch and met her halfway where Connors threw her head back in relief after an initial celebratory cheer. From my perspective, her pitch was slightly better than the followup by Captain Morgan. The Captain, flanked by his mates (or whatever the girls are called), threw the second ceremonial first pitch, which cleared up the puzzle of MLB tweeting about his appearance tonight at Nats Park. The Captain posed in the well-known leg up position prior to tossing a sinker that dove at the plate for Drew Storen on the receiving end.

I have to hand it to Miss Connors - she has a heck of a sense of adventure and humor -- traits I find honorable in state representatives! Who knew one innocuous comment would lead to so much entertainment? Even Iowa media was on hand to cover the event. Now, will Batista repay her by walking a runway in a swimsuit? Probably not. But he was invited to go out to Iowa to judge a pageant in October. So is the saga over... or not?

More photos of the pre-game pitches can be found on misschatter.com