Mike Shanahan Press Conference Highlights 10.25.10

Mike Shanahan Press Conference Highlights 10.25.10
October 25, 2010, 9:59 pm
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Monday, October 25, 2010 3:30 PM

--Mike Sellers (who was in a walking boot)--"He's a little sore right now. . .can't tell exactly where he is at."

--On offensive tackle Stephon Heyer, who came into the game and then left with an injury: --"He sprained his ankle early in the game. . .he's sore right now." He had planned to rotate Heyer and Jammal Brown.

--Still an issue with Brown's hip: "He's working through it. It's painful, but he plays."

--On free safety Kareem Moore, who sat out of defense for most of the first half: His knee, injured in preseason, was swelling. "He was more effective playing in a limited role. . .We might have played him a little bit too much in the beginning.""

--Running back Clinton Portis: "He will definitely be out this week." He may return after the bye.

--On the team's 4-3 record: "You are what you are and you've got to earn them."

--Portis will not necessarily get his starting job at running back when he does return from injury.

--Torain: "I think he's doing a good job. . .He played very well down the stretch. . .We want to eliminate those fumbles."

--Torain is "making some strides" in pass protection.

--On tackle Haynesworth: "Albert played exceptionally well. It's the best that he played obviously this season. . .The best game he's played since he's been here."

--The six takeaways against the Bears: "That's part of the reason why we went to the 3-4 (defensive scheme). We could put some pressure on the offenses. . .It gives offenses some difficulty in their game-planning, not knowing which guy's coming."

--On cornerback DeAngelo Hall's four interceptions: "What your looking for is a guy to really play the scheme and I think that's what DeAngelo does a great job of. . .DeAngelo had one of his best weeks of practice this week and he took that to the field."

--On quarterback Donovan McNabb's struggles: "Sometimes it's defensive pressure, sometimes it's feeling comfortable in the play or the system."

--On tight end Chris Cooley: "think Chris was a little sore during the game. I thought he played through it. . .A smart play knocking that ball out of bounds (after fumbling the ball in the fourth quarter)."