Mayock: Buyers should be wary with Flynn

Mayock: Buyers should be wary with Flynn
February 16, 2012, 11:20 am
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As usual, the NFL Networks chief draft analyst, Mike Mayock, delivered the goods during a two-hour conference call with reporters on Wednesday. I re-capped his thoughts on the offensive players yesterday and here are some other thoughts on what he had to say:

St. Louis has the No. 2 pick and seems committed to quarterback Sam Bradford. That would mean the Rams are open for business. Mayock said he if were the Rams, he would be fine trading the pick for Clevelands fourth and 22nd picks (so the Browns can presumably pick quarterback Robert Griffin III).

Anybody who wants Griffin better move up to No. 2 just to be safe, especially since the Rams have at least publicly expressed their intention to keep Bradford. But Jeff Fisher could ask for more. According to the famed Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart, the No. 2 pick is worth 2,600 points. And since a point-for-point trade is not a starting process, the Rams should at least ask for the Browns two first-round picks (1,800 and 780 points) plus their third-round pick (250 points).

If youre the Redskins and want to move up to No. 2 without trading a 2013 draft pick, its Nos. 6 (1,600), 39 (510), 70 (240), 102 (92), 108 (79) and 137 (39.5) to get to 2557.5 points all to move up four spots. Obviously, that means the Redskins would have to sacrifice future picks to move up.

The Matt Flynn Issue. Mayock agreed with the consensus that two starts dont equal a long-term commitment. The whole Matt Flynn is interesting, Mayock said. When you look at the history of quarterbacks that were back-up guys and played a few games and then moved on and got paid a lot of money, theres been mixed results there. The bottom line to me, the league has minimal amount of tape on him and the league didnt think that highly on him coming out of college.

Buyers beware. Period.

Mayock was on-point about Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill he may be over-valued based on his position and skill set.

Tannehill missed the Senior Bowl and a chance to work with the Redskins coaching staff and will miss the Combine because of a foot injury. But he will reportedly be ready to hold workouts before the draft.

Tannehill will go in the first round we know that. But from a Redskins standpoint, what they have to gauge, if they want him, is how far they can trade down to get him should want him. At this point, I wouldnt go lower than 15-17. This is already a draft that one talent evaluator has Arizonas Nick Foles potentially going in the first round.

I completely agreed with Mayocks assertion that anybody who is completely healthy should work out at the Combine. He pointed to Cam Newton last year. Sure, Cam wasnt perfect during throwing drills in which he was working with receivers for the first time, but that shows a Want-To Element.

A few years ago, the Pro Football Writers Association selected people who covered teams with top-10 picks to witness Combine quarterback-receiver workouts and write a pool report. I was in that group and it was telling to see first-hand how much each prospect wanted to impress and how supportive they were of each other. That shows ability, confidence and leadership.

Mayock said the draft is strong early on at the interior guard spot, but if I was the Redskins, it would be the right tackle spot not the center or leftright guard spots that should be prioritized.

The Redskins want Kory Lichtensteiger to return as left guard and are basically locked in contractually to Chris Chester at right guard.

At this point, the wild card besides quarterback for the Redskins is finding a play-making receiver. If they cant do it in free agency, then thats a Day 2 draft priority.

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