Market research: Who needs a QB?

Market research: Who needs a QB?
January 26, 2012, 10:37 am
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There is a lot of talk about who would be the Redskins competition for the quarterbacks who be hitting the free agent market and will be available in the draft next April.A team-by-team breakdown of quarterback needs is below. By my count as of this moment, there are 26 teams who are set with their starters and are unlikely to be major players in the quarterback market. I am counting the Colts in that group as they will either open 2012 with Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck under center. There are three teams who are very definitely in need of a staring quarterbackthe Redskins, Dolphins, and Seahawks. The other three teams, the Browns, Cardinals and Jets, could stand pat but they could jump in if the conditions are right.NFC EastRedskinsHigh need, no further explanation needed
GiantsSet with Eli Manning
CowboysSet with Tony Romo
EaglesSet with Michael VickNFC NorthPackersSet with Aaron Rogers
LionsSet with Matthew Stafford
VikingsWill go with Christian Ponder, who they drafted 12th overall in 2011, Joe Webb showed that he could be a capable backup.
BearsSet with Jay Cutler, may seek depth as Caleb Hanie proved to be ineffective after Cutler got injured.NFC SouthPanthersSet with Cam Newton
BucsDrafted Josh Freeman in first round in 2009. Although they will be getting a new coach, GM Mark Dominik, who drafted Freeman, remains. It seems unlikely that the Bucs will draft a quarterback in the first two rounds or sign a major free agent.
FalconsSet with Matt Ryan
SaintsSet with Drew Brees, who will either sign a new deal or get the franchise tagNFC West49ersThey will try to sign Alex Smith but if that doesnt work out they drafted Colin Kaepernick in the second round last year as their Plan B.
RamsSet with Sam Bradford
SeahawksHigh need. Tavaris Jackson was effective at times but hes not a long-term answer. Charlie Whitehurst was a low-cost gamble that showed that you get what you pay for.
CardinalsNearly set with Kevin Kolb. It is difficult to see them giving up on him so soon considering what they gave up for him although they could elect not make a 7 million option payment and terminate his five-years, 63 million contract. They will probably give him a pass for a subpar 2011 due to injuries and not having an offseason to learn the offense. However, if a compelling option like Peyton Manning was to come up, they could make a move.AFC EastJetsAlthough there is talk of them being in the market for Peyton Manning if he hits the market, the chances are strong that they will stick with Mark Sanchez.
PatriotsSet with Tom Brady
BillsAlthough Ryan Fitzpatricks performance went downhill after he signed a six-year, 59 million extension, the Bills cant afford not to stick with him.
DolphinsLike the Redskins, they are very much in need of a quarterback and will consider all options.AFC NorthSteelersSet with Ben Roethlisberger
RavensSet with Joe Flacco, for at least this, the final year of his contract
BengalsSet with Andy Dalton
BrownsThey are very much a wild card in the mix. At times, Colt McCoy has looked like an NFL quarterback and at times he hasnt. The question is if Mike Holmgren will bring in a strong backup who could push him or a replacement.AFC SouthColtsThey are set with either Peyton Manning or, more likely, Andrew Luck.
TexansSet with Matt Schaub
JaguarsSet with Blaine Gabbert. Yes, I typed that. They have a new coach but GM Rick Smith, who pulled the trigger to trade up with the Redskins to get Gabbert, remains and it is doubtful that he will admit a mistake so soon.
TitansSet with Matt Hasselbeck for the present and Jake Locker for the future.AFC WestRaidersSet with Carson Palmer
ChargersSet with Phillip Rivers
ChiefsAlthough Matt Cassel has been something of a disappointment, it is unlikely that new coach Romeo Crenell will have the pull needed to replace him even if he wanted to try to persuade Scott Pioli to do so.
BroncosAn odd situation with the unconventional Tim Tebow but they will not be major players for a quarterback.Rich Tandler blogs about the Redskins at You can reach him by email at and follow him on Twitter @Rich_Tandler.