Kushner: Give Harper A Break

Kushner: Give Harper A Break
September 23, 2010, 2:22 pm
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Thursday, September 23, 2010, 10:21 a.m.

By Holden Kushner
CSNwashington.com contributor

Bryce Harper speaks his mind. Im a big fan of his. I talked to him on the 106.7 The Fan radio show and learned a thing or two.

Bryce Harper roots for the Cowboys. He told me that he roots for the Cowboys, because they were always a winner when I was growing up.

Growing up? Kid is 17 years old. Always winning? Not so much.They did win Super Bowls when he was one, two and three years old.

Most Skins fans that I talked to want him to know that this is Washington, D.C.. Home of the Redskins!

I say no worries, at least speaks his mind and tells the truth.

Bryce Harper is a Yankees fan. Las Vegas is about 2,500 miles from the Bronx. Again I say no worries. There are Yankees fans all over the world.

Bryce Harper is a Lakers fan. Understandable. When I lived in Las Vegas (Harpers home town) the Lakers were Vegass team.

Bryce Harper is also Duke basketball fan. Unacceptable. UNLV is in his own back yard. At least he could root for the University of Nevada. They have a good program.

All kidding aside, I received quite a few emails from angry local fans. Theyre upset at Harper because he likes all the great (or greatly hyped) teams. Some called him a frontrunner.

Im here to say: Simmer down D.C.! Heres why:

A) Las Vegas has no home teams, so he got to choose whoever he wanted to root for. I might have cheered for some of the same teams (not the Cowboys) if I had all those options. What 17 year-old would have chosen the Redskins? They won their last Super Bowl 9 months before Harper was born. Sure, he jumped on the Cowboys bandwagon later that next season, but hows a kid supposed to know who to root for before hes even 12 months old???

B) Bryce was being honest. Theres lots of lies from everybody in sports these days. Harper could have easily said he rooted for the Redskins, Wizards and Maryland basketball but he would have been lying. Kudos for your honesty Bryce.

C) Hes 17 YEARS OLD!!! Give the kid a break.

Enough of the hating on this guy. In three years hell be slugging home runs for YOUR Washington Nationals. Theyre the team thats currently drawing record low crowds these days.

Most of the people that pack Nats Park whenif theyre good will be saying theyve been big fans of the team since day one.

Those people could take a lesson from a certain 17 year-old. Be true to yourself. Youll be a front runner too.