Hughes: Wizards should pursue 'Superman'

Hughes: Wizards should pursue 'Superman'
December 9, 2011, 6:27 pm
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If there is one thing the Washington Wizards can learn from the Chris Paul fiasco in New Orleans, its this: they better find John Wall a star running mate, and quick. And with Dwight Howard, by far the best big man in the NBA now reportedly available by trade, they should at least try to make a pitch.

Paul has shown the Wizards, and every team not in the NBAs traditional elite, that you only have so much time to find a second star player, something that is necessary to compete for championships in todays game. Wall could easily wait out his contract and force Washingtons hand if they arent a winning team at the time. Why wouldnt he? Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams have both shown the power of a franchise player and what they can make their franchise do.

On the other hand, Howard now being available represents a very unique situation, the best interior player of his generation can be had and he is just entering his prime. Howard could blossom into a Shaquille ONeal-type force and give any team he goes to potential for multiple championships. History has shown that a dominant center paired with a superb wingman is the perfect recipe for championship contention.

The biggest concern with trading for Howard, of course, is whether he would sign a contract extension. But in John Wall the Wizards currently have an extremely valuable asset, one of the best young players in the league. It is conceivable that Howard could see Walls potential and in turn sign on for the foreseeable future. It would work both ways, a mutually beneficial relationship both on the court and off, as both Howard and Wall would create one of the NBAs best tandems and therefore each have incentive to stay in Washington.

There is one more concern that needs to be addressed, and that is what the Wizards would give up to acquire Howard. It will take a significant amount of value to get Howard, one of the leagues best players and most dynamic personalities. For the Wizards, however, no one should be safe but John Wall. It would be worth their time to tell the Orlando Magic to pick whatever they want, whether it is multiple first round picks, Jan Vesely, JaVale McGee, or Andray Blatche. No player on the Wizards roster besides John Wall should hold a deal for Howard up.

Obviously the Wizards would be a longshot to get Dwight Howard, no matter whom they offer the Magic. But given the circumstances with Wall, and the availability of such a rare talent, it makes too much sense to not at least try.

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