Happy Friday: Let's Do This!

Happy Friday: Let's Do This!
October 8, 2010, 6:24 pm
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Friday, October 8, 2010, 2:39 p.m.
By Ivan Carter
CSNwashington.com contributorWe've got a great lineup for you guys today: Brian Mitchell in the house as well as former Hokie and Packers Hall of Famer Antonio Freeman plus my man Joe Barber back for a review of Secretariat. Also, a live shot with Jill Sorenson who is on the scene in Atlanta for the Caps season opener....Jill is doing a great job covering the Caps by the way...-My Skins prediction based on Green Bay's injury problems, the Skins momentum from last week and my general distate for the Packers.
-Wiz game wasn't on TV but Michael broke it down and checked in on one of thebest guys you'll ever meet here. A quick thought on Antawn Jamison:I covered theWiz for over four seasons andcan't possibly emphasize enough what an influence Antawn was on Gilbert Arenas. GA truly respected AJ and looked up to him like an older brother..I love the youth movement going on with the Wiz right now obviously but man, it'd be great to have AJ around to help Gilbert work through this experience....Some of you got mad at me for my thoughts the other day but make no mistake about it: I'm pulling for him...-I think the NFL might have a real problem on its hands with this Brett Favrepics of his you-know-what situation....My former colleague at the KC Star Jason Whitlock's interesting take here. I really don't know what to think about it yet...-Caps tonight baby!I know that everyone is still bummed out by the early exit last season but let's all pause and take some things into consideration: 1. This is THE most exciting team in the NHL and they play right here in DC. 2. Ovie is THE best player in the NHL and one of the best athletes in pro sports period. I'm not taking that for granted. 3. Teams go through growing pains. Having your heart broken is a part of the deal. Go back and look what Jordan went through with the Bulls or Wayne Gretzky with the Oilers....-Fact: Randy Moss scored 50 TDs in 51 games as a Patriot. Think about that...More: Moss is one of two people ever to have more than 150 TD catches (J Rice) and he was THE highest scoring player on the TWO highest scoring teams ever (98 Vikes and 2007 Patriots) Stop and consider all of that for a moment and then factor in the fact that he's ticked off and happy to be back in Minny....Oh, it's on, it's def on.....I can't wait to see the Vikings at Patriots on Oct. 31...-Oh,one more thing: my English Priemer League fantasy team is CRUSHING it.....first place in two different leagues with a nice cushion in both. Thank you Mrs Drogba and Berbatov and of course the all american GK Tim Howard: This week's lineup for you soccer fans: Droba, Rodallega and Berbatov up top, Ya Ya Toure, Dempsey, Essien and Nani in the MF with Cole, Phil Jones and Sagna at DF.. Howard in goal.....Let's do this baby...