Hanrahan: Loss for words

Hanrahan: Loss for words
February 13, 2011, 4:56 am
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Saturday February 12, 2011 11:55 p.m.
By Frank Hanrahan

Throwing in the towel works in boxing to stop a fight and obviously there's no rule for it in the NBA but after what the Spurs did to the Wizards on Saturday night, the league should consider it. The 118-94 San Antonio win was in no way indicative of what took place at Verizon Center. It was a beat down from the jump as San Antonio led by as many as 41 points in the disrobing of Washington.

Of course I'm not serious about the throwing in the towel part, but the point here is that whatever the Wizards lacked in talent versus the superior Spurs, they made it even worse with their overall pathetic performance. It was bad.

With San Antonio, you have one of the best teams in the NBA, so I thought the Wizards would come out with a little more zest and intensity to face the now 45-9 Spurs. Instead the now 14-38 Wizards came out flat as a board.

Players who needed to show up were M.I.A. Leading scorer Nick Young scored just 4 points on 2-10 shooting. John Wall was ineffective, scoring just 8 points, with 7 assists but 3 turnovers. Andray Blatche had 16 points and 9 rebounds, but his early 4 turnovers led to easy Spurs' baskets most notably for Tony Parker who scored 10 points in less than 2 minutes in the decisive first quarter.

"It was embarrassing," Young said simply.

"Nobody had no fight," Wall said. "It didn't seem like anybody cared, including me."

I asked Wall why was that so?

"I have no idea why but you can see we didn't and the score proves it," he said.

If ever there was a game that needed to be stopped, it was this one. The Spurs led 37-18 after one quarter, 72-45 at halftime, and 101-65 after three quarters!

The Spurs' big three of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili basically had the night off. Parker scored Ginobili logged just 6 minutes in the first half and he never returned; he wasn't needed. Instead, the Spurs threw a heavy dose of Steve Novak, Chris Quinn and Gary Neal at the Wizards -- and they didn't miss a beat.

None of the Spurs had trouble shooting, particularly from 3-point range from where they made 13 of 25 shots. The Spurs scored 71 points in a loss to Philadelphia on Friday night. Against the Wizards, they had 72 at halftime.

There's no way the Wizards were overlooking the Spurs and focusing on Cleveland and on getting that first road win on Sunday night, were they?

"I can't say that," Young said. "Spurs is the Spurs and we've got to get up for these guys."

No one seemed to have the answer as to why they didn't get up for the Spurs. Not even Wizards coach Flip Saunders. I didnt see this coming. I dont think anyone saw it coming. Just with how well weve played at home, weve got up for games against big time opponents," Saunders said.

The Wizards got beaten down by the best in front of a sellout crowd. It wasn't fair. This one will leave a mark for awhile.