Gordon blog: New Regime at Maryland

Gordon blog: New Regime at Maryland
April 19, 2011, 8:34 pm
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Tuesday, April 10, 2011 4:28 p.m.


Last week was my chance to check out the 2011 Maryland Terrapins under new head coach Randy Edsall. I had the opportunity to chat with Edsall and the players before practice and boy was I enlightened.

Edsall mentioned earlier in the week that quarterback CJ Brown was playing well and putting pressure on starting quarterback Danny OBrien. I asked the head coach if the reigning ACC Rookie of the Year had any reason to be concerned and he said no. So dont worry Terps fans, 5 is your man under center. Edsall is encouraging competition at every position and wants the players to push each other. He did say OBrien is still working on the shotgun offense, but hes coming along.

As for the players, I spoke with defensive back Matt Robinson, quarterback Danny OBrien, offensive lineman R.J. Dill and defensive lineman A.J. Francis. I asked them all about Coach Edsalls coaching style and they all agreed he is very strict. Francis and some of the other players even call him General Edsalli because of his militaristic approach. Im interested to see how the stricter approach works with the kids. Clearly Edsall feels like he has some major work to do with this program, athletically and academically.

I also got an update on offensive lineman Pete DeSouza. For those who dont remember, DeSouza was injured in a scooter accident last fall and, frankly, is lucky to be alive. He continues to rehab and work hard to get back on the field. His teammates say hes at every practice working hard and they support him every step of the way. Edsall told me the first priority is for DeSouza (nicknamed Iggy) to be pain-free. Once he is pain-free then they can focus on getting the big guy back on the football field.

Yes, I did bury the lead here, but the other big story coming out of College Park is the newest addition to the football roster. Senior Cliff Tucker has turned in his basketball uniform and is now wearing pads and cleats with the football team. Tucker played high school football in Texas (shocking, I know) and was actually really good. The 66, 205 lbs. wide receiver could turn out to be a great target for OBrien. Everyone agrees that Tucker shows up to practice every day bringing everything hes got and can be found in the weight room the rest of the time. But they also agree hes still pretty raw and has quite a bit of work to do. Im very interested to see how this turns out.

Two down, one to go. Ill be speaking with Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer on Thursday so check back for the latest on the Hokies later this week.