Flip Saunders holds court with local media

Flip Saunders holds court with local media
December 3, 2011, 11:03 pm
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By Joe Glorioso

On Friday afternoon Wizards coach Flip Saunders held court with the local media and touched on a variety of topics during the 30 minute session. Saunders looked extremely energetic, was jovial with the reporters and had somewhat of a swag like demeanor going.

A few of the nuggets from the presser are below:

Flip believes the Wizards will be in better shape than most teams with the amount of players returning to the team from last year.

A lot of people have been critical of Andray Blatche but the team had their best winning percentage when he was playing. Dray is healthy, has the right attitude and is saying all the right things right now.

Nick Young was very important to what the team did. Believes hes the best perimeter shooter, knock down 3 point shooter and they consider him an important asset.

Saunders is looking forward to the condensed training camp and believes it will be more conducive to a young team.

Flip is determined to eliminate JaVale dribbling the ball. Is looking for JaVale to improve his low post scoring?

When coach was asked about potentially getting a backup center, he started to praise the summer of Kevin Seraphin, the Wizards 1st rounder from last year

The lockout team that Flip had, Garnett was 20, Marbury was 19, and he believes that helps him with dealing with the youth of his current team.

Saunders believes that Shelvin Mack will be a solid contributor and will rotate in with Jordan Crawford to backup John Wall.

Would like to get Rashard back to how he was playing in Seattle and when Flip had him in the Goodwill games. Looking for him to be a more diversified player and less one dimensional.

He missed the media during the lockout and loves dealing with us more when the team is winning.newsflash

Flip spent a lot of time with his father and the kids, got to get out with college coaches including attending the Carrier Classic.

All the young players have to show the discipline and maturity on and off the court. Said the JaVale McGee, Nick Young cinnamon routine isnt going to cut it.

Mentioned Crawford and KG story and joked that he didnt realize Crawford was as good as Jordan. Both stories worth a read if you havent already.

o Jordan Crawford thinks he can be better than Michael Jordan

o KG and Jordan Crawfordget into heated discussion

Flip Saunders Media Session 1222011 from Wizards Extreme on Vimeo.