First down not always a throwing down

First down not always a throwing down
December 1, 2011, 11:38 am
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Despite ranking 19th in yards and 27th in points, the Redskins offense has been relatively decent on first down this year.Entering Sundays game against the New York Jets, the Redskins are ninth in the NFL with a 5.86-yard average on first down (311 plays-1,823 yards). By comparison, the Jets are 27th with a 4.92-yard average (308 plays-1,516 yards).The Redskins had the perfect first-down balance against Seatttle, something theyll need against the Jets.In the Seattle game, quarterback Rex Grossman was 12-of-14 passing on first down for 122 yards and an interception. The per-play average was 8.7 yards.The Redskins rushed 16 times not including two kneel-downs for 45 yards. The per-play average was 2.8 yards.A look at the first down snaps at Seattle:1-10-W20: Grossman 9 pass to Helu.1-10-W32: Grossman incomplete to Moss.1-10-W36: Grossman 20 pass to Davis (minus 15-yard penalty).1-10-S47: Helu 5 run.1-10-S34: Grossman 1 pass to Young.1-G-S2: Helu 0 run.--1-10-W4: Grossman 21 pass to Young.1-10-W25: Helu 8 run.1-10-S49: Helu 12 run.1-10-S37: Grossman 0 pass to Grossman (minus 5-yard penalty).1-15-S42: Grossman 14 pass to Helu.--1-10-W22: Helu 1 run.--1-10-W34: Grossman 17 pass to Gaffney.1-10-S49: Helu 3 run.1-10-S35: Helu 4 run.1-10-S20: Royster 3 run.1-G-S6: Helu 2 run.--1-10-W2: Grossman kneel down -1.--1-10-W41: Grossman INT by Sherman--1-10-W4: Helu -1 run.1-10-W19: Grossman 11 pass to Paulsen.1-10-W30: Helu 4 run.--1-10-W20: Helu 1 run.1-10-W39: Helu 6 run.--1-10-W30: Grossman 5 pass to Davis.1-10-W48: Grossman 17 pass to Gaffney.1-10-S35: Grossman 7 pass to Helu.--1-10-W44: Grossman 15 pass to Sellers.1-10-S41: Helu 3 run.--1-10-W17: Grossman fumbled (minus 8 yards).
1-10-S14: Helu 2 run.--
1-10-S35: Grossman kneel down -1 (minus 5-yard penalty).
1-15-S40: Grossman kneel down -1.