Where can I find your schedule? 
Answer: Here

Can I purchase DVDs of Comcast SportsNet programming? 
Answer: Sorry, no. Our lawyers could tell you why, but then we'd have to pay them.

Where are your studios? 
Answer: 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200, Bethesda, Maryland.

How do I sign-up for the Comcast SportsNet MVP Club so I can win free tickets to see my favorite teams play? 
Answer: Click this

Weren't you guys once HTS? 
Answer: Yes. Home Team Sports (HTS) was founded in 1984 and became Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic in April 2001.

I have a kid in college who wants to work in media after graduation. Do I have to know somebody inside to get them an internship at Comcast SportsNet? 
Answer: Heck, no! We're always looking for brilliant, hard-working college students who want to obtain valuable experience and connections by interning with us. We offer internships in most every department! Tell your son or daughter that they can learn about Programming, Marketing, Advertising, Website Design - even Accounting - here at Comcast SportsNet. Plus - and this will be their favorite part - the get to work for FREE! Actually, we do require them to intern for college credit, so technically, somebody is really paying to intern here. Nudge them to express their interest by sending an email to: smcintyre@comcastsportsnet.com.

Are you guys owned by Comcast? 
Answer: Yes, Comcast SportsNet is part of NBCUniversal, which is majority owned by Comcast Corporation.

What is your connection to NBC?
Answer: We are now a proud part of the NBC Sports Group.  That's why you now see the power of the peacock on Comcast SportsNet and CSNwashington.com! 

What's the deal with Comcast SportsNet Plus? 
Answer: Sometimes we've got so much great stuff, we overflow! Use our zip code finder on the top right of our homepage to find our Plus channel. 

How can I pick up a prize I've won? 
Answer: Come get it! We're open Monday - Friday from 9am to 5:30pm and closed weekends and most holidays. Directions are here.  Live too far away to visit our plush studios?  Find details about how you have your prize shipped to you in the next question!

Can you mail my prize? 
Answer: Yes, if you're willing to risk it never arriving at your house, or office. Sadly, we have learned the hard way that prizes get stolen and lost. If you want to take the risk, send anemail to our marketing department with this quote in your message: "I understand that if my prize never arrives, I accept full responsibility for asking Comcast SportsNet to mail, or deliver it to me. I realize that neither the prize, nor the cash value of the prize will be replaced with another prize or cash." We realize that some viewers may live hundreds of miles from our location - or worst yet, have to drive daily in the local traffic. We can only apologize for the cruel nature of the world. If you want us to overnight your prize via FedEx or UPS, we'll need the same statement from you in writing, plus your account number. We promise we won't sell your account number on eBay, but the thought did occur to someone in our sales department. P.S. Your prize disappears after 30-days in our prize closet, so get it now! 

I've been dying all of my life to work at Comcast SportsNet. Will you hire me? 
Answer: Maybe! We already like you because you spend so much time viewing our website. However, we do need you to actually look to at www.comcast.com to see if we have any current openings. It also helps tremendously if you have experience specific to the position for which you are applying. It should be noted that the hiring manager may not share the sense of humor presented in these FAQs, but most of the folks who work here have a great sense of humor and a unique passion for sports, sports and more sports. Good luck! 

How do I get a Comcast SportsNet on-air personality to participate in my upcoming event? 
Answer: Send us email with all the details. Convince we can do good for the community by providing one of team for your non-profit event. If you're interested in a personality appearance for a retail establishment, please send an email to our Advertising Departmenthere. 

Why are there blackouts of my favorite team sometimes? 
Answer: Comcast SportsNet does not control the distribution of some games outside of Comcast SportsNet's broadcast territory. There are two ways to see Comcast SportsNet's broadcasts outside of Comcast SportsNet's broadcast territory:  DirecTV.  DirecTV offers special out-of-market packages (MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice) that include many of the games broadcast on Comcast SportsNet Plus. Your Cable Provider: Some cable providers offer outer market baseball, hockey and basketball packages. Please note, if you are getting our games via a special outer market package, some games may still be subject to blackouts. For more information go to DirecTV's website at www.directv.com and go to the Sports Blackouts Information section or call 1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288) or contact your local cable provider. 

What states do you cover? 
Answer: Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., (okay, it's not a state - we know!). We also cover parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Yes, there are lots of other SportsNet operations. For a list, look and links, visit our homepage and look at the very bottom. Click the area you'd like to see and enjoy. 

Why haven't you answered MY question? 
Answer: We can't read minds. Send your question here.