Exclusive 1-on-1's with Gilbert Melendez & Anthony Pettis

Exclusive 1-on-1's with Gilbert Melendez & Anthony Pettis
April 4, 2011, 2:55 pm
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Monday, April 4, 2011 11:03am


Gilbert Melendez Interview:

46 secs, on what he can take into this bout from the 1st fight The guy is actually the strongest guy Ive ever fought, so knowing the kind of strength Im going to deal with is actually good to know. I dont feel like hes evolved as much as me as a fighter, so I can go back and look at his tape and see how I matched up against him. Its been 3 , 4 years so I cant say that for sure, but I been following his career for a long time, so it definitely does help.

1:22, on how much better he thinks he is now I think Im 10 times better. I always fight with heart and guts out there, but nowadays Im a lot more intelligent. I bring out different styles for different opponents. Im looking forward to showing him Ive evolved 10 times more than he has.

1:45, on always having a bullseye on his back as the 155 champion This is what its about man. Part of being the champ, a true champion is defending the throne and thats what I wanna do. I wanna defend this title a couple times. Thats how you make your statement. Im trynna prove Im the 1 lightweight in the world and thats the way to do it. Other guys are motivated to try to get that opportunity to beat you, but I stay motivated. The pay. This is my career. I gotta stay on top of it. This is whats gonna put food on my table.

2:29, on talking to the UFC about fighting Frankie Edgar or other 155 contenders You know what man, nothings come up yet and I havent started inquiring. I havent made any calls yet, but after I deliver this Saturday, Im definitely gonna start talking a little more and inquiring a lot more.

2:46, on what fans can expect to see from him on April 9th April 9th, man I hope the fans come out and check me out. I never promise victory, but I promise Ill come out there and Ill fight my heart out and Ill put on a great show. Im pretty sure Im gonna get the W.

3:05, Melendez-Kawajiri I Stats from Pride Shockwave, Dec. 31st, 2006 per FightMetric.com

Anthony Pettis Interview:

4:12, on what he did with his WEC title belt I still have it at my house. I just moved, so Im gonna be framing it up. I own a sports bar in downtown Milwaukee, so thats going right above my bar. Thats crazy cuz most people dont ask me about the belt. Everybody forgets I won the belt and they all ask me about the kick. Im definitely gonna cherish that thing. Last WEC lightweight champ ever.

4:38, on the options given to him by the UFC after Edgar-Maynard III was made The UFC gave me the option to wait until their next fight, then fight the winner of that. I didnt wanna wait, it could be a year, it could be next year, I dont wanna wait. I got a lot of momentum coming off my last couple of fights. I told them I wanted to fight Clay Guida. If Im gonna take a fight, I wanted to fight Guida cuz he was there at UFC 125 fighting. Fought a great fight. Hes just one of those competitors that would show where Im at in the lightweight division. I told Joe Silva if Im gonna fight, I wanna fight Clay Guida and he said Ill make it happen.

5:11, on why he chose Clay Guida Stylistically. Fighting him would really prepare me for a Frankie Edgar, a Gray Maynard. Guida has wrestling, okay standup. Stylistically, hes a good matchup for me to go from camp to camp.

5:36, on whether or not Guida was the 1st guy he wanted to fight off the top of his head There was a couple guys, but timing-wise, his made sense. Hes just coming off a fight, Im just coming off a fight. Timing-wise it made sense. Like you said, hes coming off 3 big wins. Hes bringing his name back and he has a huge name. Everybody knows who Clay Guida is. Me fighting a Clay Guida would definitely put my stock up.

5:57, on how excited he is for his 1st UFC fight I cant wait! Its gonna be June 4th. Im excited to be in the UFC octagon. I just cant wait.

6:13, on the competition in the 155lb division There are so many good fights that are gonna happen. There are so many good fighters. Its hard to weed these guys out, cuz everybodys good. Everybodys good and its just gonna be who wants it the most.

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