Ex-Redskin Rogers returns while now 'having fun'

Ex-Redskin Rogers returns while now 'having fun'
November 3, 2011, 7:28 pm
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Several years ago, during a particularly dreadful Redskins season, players started a Day Count until they could finally clean out their lockers and begin the off-season.

Carlos Rogers took it one step further during the end of his Washington tenure. He had a Year Count.

It was two years before he actually left, he said. I was ready to get out of there with the change of coaches. My mindset was already to get out of Washington.

Rogers played for three head coaches after the Redskins drafted him in the 2005 first round. But the relationship eventually turned sour when he was discouraged by the constant regime changes and, ultimately, the Redskins unwillingness to sign him long-term.

Now starting for the first-place San Francisco 49ers, Rogers returns to FedEx Field Sunday having already set a career high with three interceptions. He signed a one-year contract with the 49ers after the lockout, admitting it was time for a fresh start.

I was just ready to go, Rogers said.

Said cornerback DeAngelo Hall: The writing was kind of on the wall and had been on the wall for awhile. He wanted out and Im pretty sure they felt he didnt fit into what they were doing. It was mutual.

Rogers played out his rookie contract last year hoping to hit it big on the free agent market. But he signed a 4.25 million deal with the 49ers and he hopes to cash in this off-season, ideally in San Francisco.

Im having fun and playing football again, he said.

The Redskins moved on with Josh Wilson, who hasnt impressed and doesnt play the slot on passing downs like Rogers did last year.

Rogers was wanting that big pay day and we werent going to go in that direction and make that type of commitment, coach Mike Shanahan said. Im hoping he does get that with a football team. If he was as consistent as we would have liked, we would have signed him long-term.

The 49ers were more than happy to swoop during the frenzied free agent period and add Rogers to the mix.

We were just trying to get in and throw our hat into the ring with Carlos, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said. We identified him as someone that we wanted to make a run at. We thought he was an experienced, athletic corner and thats what we needed.

The 49ers are ranked 10th defensively and Rogers has contributed 18 tackles, nine pass break-ups and one touchdown.

Im doing pretty good and not even just talking about the interceptions because everybody looks at that, but I think all-round play, this is one of my really good seasons, he said.

Said Hall: You always miss a guy like Carlos Rogers. He was always entertaining and a good football player. Looks like hes finally catching the ball, too. We could have used that.

If anything, Rogers will be remembered by Redskins fans for his inability to corral the football. But he has hung on to the ball this year.

Asked if he wanted to win Sunday to stick it to Redskins owner Dan Snyder, Rogers gave his trademark laugh but said: Im past the Redskins. Im over them. I have no hatred toward the coaches. Theyre our next opponent in the way of what were trying to accomplish. No matter who it is, we want to win.

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