Up-Downs: At least nobody got hurt

Up-Downs: At least nobody got hurt
October 31, 2011, 9:54 am
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The Week 8 edition of Redskins up-downs, following their 23-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.UP
No new injuries.At least thats what appeared to be the case. A depleted roster with little remaining depth cant afford too many injuries although it was interesting Keyaron Fox replaced Rocky McIntosh at inside linebacker on several occasions.Runner-up up: The time of game. If youre a Redskins fan, at least Sundays loss took a mere 2 hours, 42 minutes.DOWN
The Redskins offense.Sundays game was reminiscent of the 2004 season, when Joe Gibbs offense was in the Stone Age and Mark Brunell clearly wasnt the answer (although he would be, to a certain extent, in 2005).Part of it is personnel, but there doesnt seem to be a lot of ingenuity going on. A point I made after the game was the Redskins results on their first offensive drive, which is a part of a script of plays that have been drilled into the players for days.The Redskins seven first-drive results: Punt (three-and-out), interception (60-yard drive), field goal (42-yard drive), punt (four-and-out), interception (four-play drive), fumble (eight-play drive) and punt (three-and-out).UP
Getting two takeaways.The Redskins had hoped for weeks their fumble recovery fortunes would turn in their favor and it happened in the second quarter when Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick mis-handled the snap and Brian Orakpo recovered. The Redskins have retrieved only four of their opponents 16 fumbles.London Fletcher intercepted a pass in the end zone late in the first half. But the result was the same no points. The Redskins had a field goal blocked after Orakpos recovery and punted (which led to a Buffalo field goal) after Fletchers INT.DOWN MULTIPLED BY 9
The Redskins offense reached the franchises record book Sunday by giving up nine sacks (ties a single-game record).Even more concerning is that Buffalo entered with four sacks in SIX games.Having glanced at some of the replays, this appears to be more of a coverage issue (receivers cant get open) than just blown protections. Only one time do I remember a Bills rusher reaching Beck unblocked.UP
Fletcher.Although we all knew he was going to play (hes never missed a game), the hamstring injury had to bother him and although there was an issue or two in coverage, he finished with 20 tackles, a half-sack and one interception.And he was the rare Redskins player who showed any emotion as things went down to the tube.DOWN
Winter weather in late October.Ive had a pretty decent streak going since I started covering the team during the 2004 off-season. Only one missed regular season game (Jim Zorns finale in San Diego, a few days after the Washington Times sports sections finale).The Buffalo game was my first missed because of weather. Delayed flight (nearly three hours) from Dulles to Newark. Delayed and ultimately cancelled flight from Newark to Toronto (axed around 5 p.m.). No hotel rooms in New Jersey. Cancelled flight Sunday morning from Newark to Toronto. Nothing cost-efficient from D.C. to Toronto on Sunday. Train from Newark to D.C. Union Station (car still at Dulles). One for The List, for sure.Not that I missed much.