Dont forget the rook!

Dont forget the rook!
December 2, 2011, 2:06 pm
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Wait, did we get Dirk Nowitzki in the offseason or his little brother or something? Oh wait; its the Washington Wizards 6 pick of the 2011 draft pick, Jan Vesely. Some people right now are probably butchering his name, which is totally ok. I mean, its better than pronouncing former Denver Nuggets 2002 5th draft pick Nikoloz Tskitishvili (whoa, good luck!)

Speaking of people with long names we can hardly pronounce, Jan Vesely is the forgotten man of the Wizards. If any of the Wizards or NBA fan remembers correctly, Vesely was the guy who tongue kissed his girlfriend at the NBA Draft. He basically showed me how to kiss a girl on national television while watching a bunch of college and international men being selected to a professional team in the NBA. Its a win-win, I tell ya!

Oh no, it doesnt stop there, you thought that was hilarious? Wait till you see Jan Veselys soccer chant slash lovely singing voice! With that said, chemistry between Vesely and his newest teammates should not be a problem, especially if he can chant like that with John Wall.

Vesely is expected to be at training camp once he gets the legal matters out of the way. Once he does, the 6'11" 21-year-old from The Czech Republic will surprise many people with this JaVale McGee like athleticism. The guy can play small forward or power forward. He is raw and it will take time and patience but you will see flashes this year of what he can do. He wont start anytime soon but look for him to get garbage minutes or possibly even 10-15 minutes to get acclimated to the fast pace NBA game.

Either way, be excited Wizards fans, as Vesely will bring the international flavor that was missing in DC since the Wizards had Stewie aka Oleksiy Pecherov. Oh and Peter John Ramos.