Combine Day 2: Will RG3 measure up?

Combine Day 2: Will RG3 measure up?
February 24, 2012, 1:26 pm
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INDIANAPOLIS--The quarterbacks and wide receivers head to Lucas Oil Stadium today to get some medical tests done and to meet with the media. But the most important moment of the day, at least for Redskins fans, will come when quarterback Robert Griffin III steps up to get officially weighed and measured.

Baylor listed him as 6-feet-2 and 220 pounds. However, those are not necessarily the true numbers as colleges often inflate players heights and weights. His official height and, to a lesser extent, weight will be under great scrutiny by teams contemplating making RG3 their franchise quarterback.

If he is indeed 6-2, there will be no obstacle towards him being one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. If hes 6-1, a few teams might hesitate. Should he come in closer to six feet, some teams will hesitate. A weight in the neighborhood of 200 pounds will make some wonder if he can withstand the pounding in the NFL.

That should occur early in the day. He should meet with the media this afternoon along with Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon and the other quarterbacks and receivers at the combine.

Update: Griffin measured up, he is officially 6-2 38 and 223 lb.