Carter: Wiz survive, big hoops night

Carter: Wiz survive, big hoops night
January 12, 2011, 4:00 pm
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

By Ivan Carter

That was an oddly entertaining game between the Wizards and Kings last night and thanks in part to Nick Young's career-high 43 points, the Wizards held on for an overtime win. Still, nothing comes easy for Flip's bunch and last night was a prime example: spotty defense, terrible turnovers, lapses in concentration on offense and a failure to execute the most basic sequences continue to plague this team. Watching the body language of assistant coach Sam Cassell and veteran guard Kirk Hinrich throughout the meltdown was a combination of funny and sad. Anyway, the Wiz picked up a win and it was needed. Still, this team has some major, major issues starting witha soft interior defense and an obvious lack cohesion. I mean there are times when it's clear that these guys simply don't enjoy playing with one another. (and I'm not even talking about JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche getting into a fight with eachother over a female at a club). While we're at it, what did former Wiz Antawn Jamison do to deserve this. My goodness. The Poor guy finally got released from the romper room that was the Wizards lockeroom, got to hook up with a 60-win Cavs team and LeBron and now is stuck with a horrible team. Ouch. Free Antawn! Oh, and then you have LeBron chiming in with this tweet last night: "Crazy. Karma is a (blank). Gets you everytime. It's not good to wish bad on anybody." Stay classy LeBron. Then again, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert asked for it with his over-the-top reaction to LeBron's "decision." Bottom line: The Heat are ballin' and the Cavs stink. Tough times in Cleveland.....As for tonight, it's all about college hoops. Georgetown needs a win over Pittsburgh at Verizon Center (I'll be there), the Terps need a win at Wake Forest, George Washington will try to go 3-0 in conference play by hosting Fordham and American has a big one with Bucknell. Wow. Just pick one of those games and you'll see some good hoop.We've got a great show on tap for you today as well. New Terps football coach Randy Edsall will be in the house and I'll ask him about how he's settling into his new job. I'm particularly curious to hear what he has to say about local recruiting. Does he feel an obligation to "lock up" the local talent pool? That'll be a good one. Also, Smokin' Al Koken will be in talking about the Caps, who went down in Florida last night and have a big one at Tampa Bay tomorrow and, Mike Wise will be in the house talking NFL, Wizards and whatever else is on his mind. Oh, and I caught up with Redskins return ace Brandon Banks at the Wizards game last night as well as a few Wizards cheerleaders.