Carter: Why Not The Skins?

Carter: Why Not The Skins?
October 12, 2010, 4:39 pm
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 1:35 p.m.

By Ivan Carter Contributor

The 3-2 Redskins have their share of flaws. We know this. The offensive line is dealing with injury issues, the running game was a non factor in Sunday's win over Green Bay and the defense gives up chunks of yardage. All of that is true. But here's what is important: the Redskins have wins over three teams that made the playoffs last season (Green Bay, Philadelphia and Dallas), have played one stinker (at St. Louis) and blew a game they should have won (Houston).

Now, go ahead and look at the NFC. Show me a team that doesn't have flaws? The Bears are 4-1, but like the Skins, have some offensive line issues. Atlanta looks pretty solid at 4-1, but that's a tough division and I wouldn't bury the Saints yet.

So, while it's way too early for Skins fans to start making playoff plans, it's also pretty obvious that this conference is wide open and a Mike Shanahan coachedDonovan McNabb led team can compete.

-Classic Alex Ovechkin last night with that OT game winner. I stopped by the Verizon Center early yesterday to catch some Wizards practice and had a chance to read the game notes and press clips. That Ottawa team was desperate for a win last night and really brought it. Still, Ovie did what superstars do and that was that. I hope folks don't take the guy for granted.

-However, the Caps were 0-5 on the power play. Are you fans concerned? Is it too early to draw conclusions? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

-The Wizards will host the Hawks in a preseason game tonight and that means another Gilbert Arenas return. Feels like we've had a few of those. Anyway, I fully expect Arenas to hear a warm applause. Not sure why he wouldn't.

-If you aren't one of those hoop fans who thinks the Miami Heat are just going to roll through the league en route to a title, check this out. A pretty good analysis of what could go wrong for the Heat by a very sharp basketball mind.

-I would not want to be Bretty Favre today. You're 1-3, your right elbow hurts, your wife is no doubt ready to pull a Mrs. Woods and the world feels like it's closing in on you. Oh well, still have those Wranglers I guess.