Carter: Saunders has flipped out

Carter: Saunders has flipped out
January 26, 2011, 5:03 pm
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011By Ivan Carter
So, this is what it has come down to for the Washington Wizards? Coach Flip Saunders saying he's "proud" of a six-year veteran on a 35 million contractwho showed up and did what he's supposed to do in yet another loss last night? Huh? This team is quickly dissolving into a total joke and it's becoming harder and harder to imagine how anyone can take this rebuild seriously.One night after 7-day Dray turned in one of the most shameful efforts in NBA history, he put up a decent 25 and 9 in another loss and that's OK?C'mon! The right move would have been to bench Blatche for his horrific effort and send a message to the remainder of the team that poor play and a lack of hustle will not be rewarded. Mike Prada does a great job of making that point here.Blatche, his horribly inflated contract and the way he's been handled with kid gloves by Ernie Grunfeld and the Wizards since he got to DC, is EVERYTHING that is wrong with this franchise. Among NBA scouts, 7-day is a total joke. They see NBAbasketball every night and know that he is, in the words of one scout I respect: a "classic one-in-fiver." Meaning: Andray brings it one in five nights. As longtime Knicks beat writer Frank Isolatweeted during Dray's dreadful showing in New York the other night: "Andray Blatche is officially awful. The dude doesn't try." And Isola covered the Knicks for the last decade! Think about that.And yet the coach and by extension, the Wizards, are "proud." It's exactly the kind oftreatment that created the Gilbert Arenas monster. Like Blatche, Gilbert was coddled, enabled and seldom cracked for his destructive behavior. And we all know how that turned out. Now, here's where it gets really dangerous: John Wall is watching. And what must he be thinking? We'll touch on the Wizards in today's show but also the Caps and of course, the NFL. The Post's Barry Svrluga will be in the house as well as Gene Wang and Brian Fredeck, who isleading the sports fans coalition, a group working to prevent an NFL lockout. Also, I go one-on-one with Maryland big man Jordan Williams. Check it out at 5 with a replay at 11:30. And, you can get involved at twitter.comwashpostlive.