Cap rollover not a one-year deal

Cap rollover not a one-year deal
February 14, 2012, 8:11 pm
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I got a few follow-up questions on my article on the salary cap rollover yesterday so I thought that I would go ahead and answer them here.

First of all, this isnt a one-year deal. Teams will be able to do it every year for the 10-year duration of the CBA. This obviously is a good deal for the players as the NFL now has a soft cap for the first time. Simply put, teams will have more money to spend.

I also was asked what would prevent, say, the Cincinnati Bengals from being 100 million under the cap in 2016. The new minimum cash spends will take care of that. Starting next year, teams must spend at least 89 per cent of the cap on player salaries and that number will increase as the years go on. The minimum spend will prevent any team from rolling up a huge amount of unused cap space.

To answer the next question that popped up, the minimum spend is based on the NFLs base salary cap, not on each teams adjusted cap. The rolled-over cap space will give teams the flexibility needed to be able to make the minimum spending threshold while still dealing with items like dead cap space and pro rated bonus charges.

Finally, I said with the unused 2011 cap dollars carried over the Redskins have about 39 million in cap room in 2012. John Clayton of ESPN reported yesterday that the number is 47 million over. Both are estimates and the real number is somewhere in between.

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