Can Semin be intimidated?

Can Semin be intimidated?
February 17, 2012, 1:26 pm
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Sports Illustrated's players' polls can be some of the most telling assessments of athletes in sports today. They are a unique survey in that players are judged solely by their peers. You can see who NFL players fear the most for instance, or who they think are the dirtiest players in the league.

SI's newest poll asks NHL players: 'Which All-Star-caliber player is the easiest to intimidate?' Toronto's Phil Kessel ranks first, the Sedin Twins collectively slot second, and Capitals winger Alex Semin ranks third. Apparently NHL players see Semin as one of the softest players in the league.

Semin has struggled to play up to his scoring potential and his mental makeup is always what comes into question. Judging by this poll, it may have something to do with his confidence as his opponents clearly see a weakness they can take advantage of. Then again, this particular topic could have more bias than the typical players' poll. Players could easily give this distinction to a player they don't like personally.

No other Capitals made the list of 15, but division foes Jeff Skinner (7th) and Eric Staal (12th) of Carolina and Steven Stamkos of Tampa Bay (13th) were voted in.