Business as usual for Redskins' Allen

Business as usual for Redskins' Allen
April 16, 2011, 5:59 pm
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Saturday, April 16, 2011, 1:57 p.m.

By Ryan OHalloran


Appearing at an event in northeast Washington Saturday for the Redskins Charitable Foundation, general manager Bruce Allen met with reporters for 10-plus minutes to chat about the upcoming draft, the lockout and the teams approach since free agency will not precede the draft.

Some of Allens comments:

The Redskins draft 10th overall and even if they wanted to move up to take quarterbacks Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert, they may lack the necessary chips. They are without picks in the third and fourth rounds so only dipping into the 2012 well would allow them to get into the top five.

:The last several years, there hasnt been much trading in those top dozen picks and this year, you dont know, Allen said. I think there are some interesting prospects at positions that might attract other teams and there are some players, once we finalize our board, if we have rated at a certain grade and feel we have to move, then well also consider that.

Allen said the prohibition on trading current players during draft weekend wont impact the first two days (rounds 1-3), but could limit moves on the third day.

We have eight choices for this draft and we have an opportunity to do well in the later rounds, he said. Could there be trades to acquire new picks? Its possible.

Allen reiterated what coach Mike Shanahan has said throughout the off-season the Redskins draft preparations havent been impacted by the lockout even though some have suggested teams may reach.

A lot of people, in previous years, go by the draft board and go by the ratings and dont try to overreach for a player, he said. Obviously, if you think somebody is going to go, you might have to take them half a round higher than you project.

Were going to follow our draft board. Thats the safest way to do it and if its a position we feel we have a need, that will work even better for us.

Allen said offensive and defensive linemen are the deepest group, in the draft.

As for the quarterbacks, he said: Very good.

Allen said related Aaron Rodgers development sitting and then starring, which provided an opening to read between his lines.

The Aaron Rodgers story is just one of the great success stories of the NFL, he said. A player that got drafted lower than most of the projections had slotted him, sat on the bench for three years and now has become an elite quarterback.

Translation: If the Redskins draft a quarterback, he wont be expected to play right away.

Allen later added that not having extra practice time wouldnt impact a drafted quarterback.

Thats if you said he was going to start the first day, he said.

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was at Redskin Park for a visit on Friday.

He is obviously very talented and deserves the Heisman Trophy and is the national champion, Allen said. Thats pretty good.

Allen isnt involved in the latest mediation talks in Minnesota between the owners and players.

There will be a CBA; its just when, he said. We need to be prepared for when there is an agreement. Hopefully theyll get it done. I think its good that theyre talking and you can only make progress by having conversations.

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