Buehrle explains spurn of Nationals

Buehrle explains spurn of Nationals
December 10, 2011, 6:22 pm
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Mark Buehrle insists he gave the Nationals strong consideration this week before signing with the Marlins.

In the end, though, the free agent left-hander couldn't turn down the better package Miami was offering (more years and more money) even if he did have a fondness for Washington GM Mike Rizzo, who flew to St. Louis last month to recruit Buehrle and his family in person.

"I appreciate everything Rizzo and the Nationals had to offer," Buehrle told MLB Network Friday night. "It just came down to comfort level."

And by "comfort," Buehrle of course means money.

The Marlins gave him four years and 58 million. The Nationals, according to sources familiar with the negotiations, offered three years and less than 40 million.

Knowing that, was there ever really a questions where Buehrle would land?