Brunell Files For Bankruptcy

Brunell Files For Bankruptcy
June 25, 2010, 4:26 pm
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Friday, June 25, 2010,12:25 p.m.CSNwashington.comBrunell Files For Bankruptcy
Former Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell has made nearly 52 million during his NFL career, but according to the Florida Times-Union, plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Jacksonville, Fla., court Friday.The report said Brunell faces multiple lawsuits over failed real estate and business loans from a partnership called Champion LLC that included two former teammates.Brunell told the Times-Union he tried to handle the loans, but said: In the end, we couldnt and I am no longer able to shoulder this burden.Brunell is unsigned but is expected to join the New York Jets as a back-up to Mark Sanchez next month.Morrison on Boudreau
The Capitals have already told veteran center Brendan Morrison that he will not be re-signed for a second year with the team.Morrison, who spent his best offensive years with Vancouver, has expressed a return to the Canucks, according to the Vancouver Sun.In reviewing his year with the Capitals, Morrison had a couple of interesting comments:On the playoff loss to Montreal: You can say what you like about how our season ended, how Montreal played, officiating, anything but we were one for 34 on the power play and we went the whole series without making any adjustments. That's just not going to work.That is probably the first on-the-record criticism of coach Bruce Boudreau but Morrison is absolutely right about the perceived lack of adjustments.On his production: I mean I think I had a pretty good year. I only had eight power play points. I was on the second unit but those guys stay out the whole two minutes every penalty anyway. My actual power play time was nothing.The Capitals had the best power play in the league during the regular season.Some Praise For Wizards
Its never too early to grade the NBA draft and Fanhouse gave the Wizards a B for their efforts.Tom Ziller writes of the Wizards: The Wizards take John Wall, and it should be a merry night in the District. But then GM Ernie Grunfeld goes and trades for Kirk Hinrich (owed 17 million over two years) so he can draft French power forward Kevin Seraphin, a nice prospect but not worth all that Hinrich salary. Armed with the No. 30 and No. 35 picks, Washington trades up to get promising Clemson power forward Trevor Booker, who should have been available at 30 if not 35. But a decent population of Wizards fans won't be able to enjoy that fully because their front office is still making weird, hard-to-explain decisions. The bizarre moves can't ruin this draft because of Wall, but you'd still prefer Grunfeld didn't rain his crazy all over the place.