Alzner still upset by Bradley's comments

Alzner still upset by Bradley's comments
October 17, 2011, 6:57 pm
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Its been two months since former Capitals forward Matt Bradley dropped a hand grenade in his old locker room, questioning everything from Alex Semins fortitude to the commitment level of his former teammates.

On Tuesday night, Bradley will face those same teammates when he returns to Washington as a member of the Florida Panthers.

Most of the Capitals who were asked about Bradley on Monday brushed aside his comments, but not everyone.

Guys say things for whatever reasons, Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner told Maybe he got emotional and got caught up in it.

In his interview, Bradley characterized the Capitals locker room as nonchalant, and said of Semin, He could easily be the best player in the league, and for whatever reason just doesn't care.

Semin practiced on Monday but was not in the locker room when doors were opened for reporters.

We dont like to hear anyone on our team get put down or badmouthed, Alzner said. It didnt sit well with any of us but theres not a lot we can do. Sasha Semin knows how he plays, and thats all there is to it.

Alzner said he was surprised by Bradleys comments and would not be surprised if the Caps used them as motivation for Tuesday night.

Ive never had something like that said by another player, Alzner said. Ive seen reporters or even coaches say stuff like that. I like to hear it, put it up on the board and have it in the back of our minds.

When asked about his team facing Bradley for the first time this season, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau replied: Im not focused on that at all.

Jason Chimera gave a similar response, saying hed be surprised to see any of his teammates call out Bradley for his comments.

The games too tight to go after an opponent, he said. He was a good teammate for a lot of years, so Im not commenting on that.

Bradley played six seasons for the Capitals before signing a two-year contract with the Panthers on July 3.

Im sure guys will give it to him a little bit, but hes got some petty good friends in here, Alzner said. Im sure somebody will say something, but I dont think anything will be too negative. It will be more cordial because we all know how Brads is. Hes a funny guy and its hard to stay mad at him.